Pink Lady Profile: Pink Lady is a Japanese Pop duo that rose to fame in the '70s. The duo consists of Mitsuyo Nemoto (Mie (2)) & Keiko Kuwaki (Kei) (formerly known as Keiko Masuda). They were one of the biggest Disco acts in Japan from the late '70s, and are regarded as an important piece of Japan's musical history due to their uniquely choreographed dances they created themselves for each of
Genre: Asian African Carribean
White Heart Profile: White Heart, also listed as Whiteheart, was a Contemporary Christian Music pop-rock band which formed in 1982 and are currently planning a reunion tour for 2014. Members: Anthony Sallee, Billy Smiley, Brian Wooten, Chris McHugh, Dann Huff, David Lyndon Huff, Gary Lunn, Gordon Kennedy, Jon Knox, Mark Gersmehl, Rick Florian, Scott Douglas (2), Steve Green (3), Tommy Sims White
Genre: Rock Soft Melodic Aor Indie
Starship (2) Profile: Successor of Jefferson Starship. Following Jefferson Starship founder Paul Kantner's departure, a 1984 legal settlement prohibited the use of the Jefferson Starship name unless all original members agreed to it. The remaining members shortened the name to "Starship," and, fronted by vocalist Grace Slick, the band reached its popular peak with the 1985 album "Knee Deep in the
Genre: Rock Soft Melodic Aor Indie
2nd Place - 1/17 - Si Dios Quiere - 2nd Place - 2/17 - Bag Of Glue - 2nd Place - 3/17 - Devil's Gone Good - 2nd Place - 4/17 - Desert Shores - 2nd Place - 5/17 - Viva E Lascia Morire - 2nd Place - 6/17 - Demons In A Row - 2nd Place - 7/17 - Hang Up - 2nd Place - 8/17 - Stink Bug - 2nd Place - 9/17 - Hollywood - 2nd Place - 10/17 - D.H.S. - 2nd Place - 11/17 - Mission's Message
Genre: Punk, Grunge, Avant-Garde
Molella Real Name:Maurizio Molella Profile:Italian DJ and producer, born 6 November 1964 in Monza and now based in Milan. Aliases:Maurizio Molella Variations:Molella "M" Molella, D. J. Molella, D.J. Molella, D.J. Molella Martella, D.J. Mollela, D.J. Morella, D.J. Motella, DJ Molela, DJ Molella, DJ Molella Martella, DJ Mollela, DJ Mollella, M, M Molella, M Mollela, M. Molella, M. Molella
Genre: Electronic House Trance
Rare Earth Profile:American funk rock group. Aliases:The Sunliners Members:Barry "Frosty" Smith, Dan Ferguson, Eddie Guzman, Gabriel Katona, Gil Bridges, Jerry LaCroix, John Parrish (2), Kenny James (2), Mark Olson, Michael Urso, Paul Warren, Pete Rivera (2), Peter Hoorelbeke, Ray Monette, Reggie McBride, Rod Richards, Ron Fransen Variations: Rare Earth Rare Earth, The, Rare Heart, The Rare
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
Det Bedste Af Dansk Musik Profile: Danish Egmont Music Club CD compilation series compiling mainstream pop and rock music from the mid 70's to mid 90's. Various ‎– Det Bedste Af Dansk Musik Label:Egmont Music Club Series:Det Bedste Af Dansk Musik Format: 30 X 2 × CD, Compilation Country:Denmark Released:1996-1998 Genre:Rock Style:Pop Rock 60 Albums 948 Songs Bedste af Dansk Musik 1963-67A -
Genre: Pop New Wave Dance
Squirrel Nut Zippers Profile: American band founded in 1993 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Members: Andrew Bird, Chris Phillips (2), David Wright (3), Don Raleigh, Je Widenhouse, Jimbo Mathus, Katharine Whalen, Ken Mosher, Stacy Guess, Stuart Cole, Tom Maxwell Variations: Squirrel Nut Zippers Squirrel Nut-Zippers With Katharine Whalen, Tom Maxwell, Kevin O'Donnell, James Mathus The Inevitable
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
Equipe 84 Profile:Equipe 84 were an Italian Beat band formed in 1964 in Modena. The name translates as Team 84, and it was originally suggested by a friend of the band, Pier Farri. Team was thought to be a word that would resonate more easily outside of their home country, and though the origin of '84' is unclear, it is presumed to have been the total age of the members of the band. Members:Alfio
Genre: Rock Soft Melodic Aor Indie