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This website is an effort to share the love of rare, to documenting the history of rare music by creating a music archive - database. Many styles , many countries, many labels. artists have found their music here after years , some of them has forgotten about. a new era begins; memories, happiness, sadness, but life is too short to have time to listening all the music in the word. We need over 3000 years to do that, The 60s-90s was the best era in music , now commercial music is everywhere,

We provide information of : Out of print,
Private press, Unsorted, Lost albums, Not on Label, Demos, Obscure, Promo, Deluxe, Library, under-appreciated and oddball music; rare soul, rare jazz, rare groove,
60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, beats, crate-digging, producers, rare music, samples, vinyl rarities, obscure and forgotten pop/rock, out-of-print, unavailable reggae music, metal, rock, pop, dance, electronica, industrial, folk, christian music, classical,  home made music etc... albums from all music genres and all countries.
Folk Aor CCM Funk Disco Pop Soul Blues Rock Prog Jazz Library and much more.

Currently, we focus on collecting information about artists and albums from the 1960s through the 1990s.  That doesn't mean you won't find information from the 21st century here, but that's just not our primary focus right now.

We rely on the expertise and passion of our users to help drive the site.  Tell us what you are missing. Tell us what you want to see.  Click the feedback tab.  Many of the features are a direct result of a user's suggestion.

This site is always evolving and we are constantly adding new features.
You can purchase a digital album  if you like. Use *Buy/Download* section located on each album page, if the album is for sale in digital format.

Thank you for being interested in who we are. And thank you for your support! 
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