Justin Hinds - Know Jah Better

Nighthawk CD, 1992

 1) War Time
 2) War Time Dub
 3) Want More
 4) Know Jah Better
 5) Almond Tree
 6) No Place Like Home
 7) Happy Go Lucky
 8) Picking Up Chips
 9) Love In The Morning
10) Deep In My Heart
11) In This Time
12) Proverbial Dub

Backing Vocals: Derrick Lara, Dean Fraser
Bass: Dehaul, Mikie Fletcher
Drums: Michael Mckenzie, Sly
Lead Guitar: Gibby Morrison
Rhythm Guitar: Carral Hewitt, Bo Peep
Keyboards: Chunky, Handel Tucker, Bubbler Waul, C Mclaughlin
Sax: Dean Fraser
Guitar Overdubs: Chinna Percussion Overdubs: Skully

Produced by: Justin Hinds, Michael Riley For Jwyanza Records
Engineered by: Phillip Zadie, David Rowe & Jr. Edwards
Recorded at: Grove Studio, Peter Crouch Studio
Mixed by: Sylvan Morris
Mixed at: Dynamic Studio
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