Tom Lepinski - The Glory News (1976) LP

Album Art Cover
The Glory News (WOW WPTL 102) 1976
Efficient blues-rock endeavor from same Way International label that produced Pressed Down Shaken Together, Good Seed, Joyful Noise, Miles Of Smiles and Paul Virgilio. Features Lepinski on piano, backed by a small rock combo. Skips from straight-ahead contemporary blues-rock to boogie to slow blues ballads to retro Fats Domino r&r grooves with suave sax lines. No downer vibes here as the music and lyrics all have an upbeat optimistic mood – is that allowed on a blues record? Good rockin’ guitar on the title cut, ‘Brand New Life (Ain’t No Doubt About It)’ and ‘Since I Found The Way’. Gets pretty comical with his over-dramatic Elvis impersonation on ‘Nobody Knew’. Harmonica joins the picture on the closing boogie number ‘Truckin’. All ten songs written or co-written by Lepinski. Black and white cover is patterned after the front page of a newspaper, with headlines like Hippie Set Free, Giant Problem Overcome and Verdict Reached. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

1-1 The Glory News 2:19
1-2 Justified 3:02
1-3 Nobody Knew 3:46
1-4 You Are What God Says You Are 4:00
1-5 Glory Hallelujah 2:32
2-1 Brand New Life 2:29
2-2 Oh David 3:19
2-3 I Know Its The Truth 3:48
2-4 Since I Found The Way 3:16
2-5 Truckin’ 3:30
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