OZRIC TENTACLES 1989 Pungent Effulgent

Almejando atingir sua sonoridade original já em seu disco de estréia e orientar uma nova vertente musical.

1. Disolution (The Clouds Disperse)
2. 0-1
3. Phalarn Dawn
4. The Domes Of G'Bal
5. Shaping The Pelm
6. Ayurvedic
7. Kick Muck
8. Agog In The Ether
9. Wreltch
10. Ayurvedism

Ed Wynne - Guitars, Synths
Roly Wynne - Bass
John Egan - Flute, Vocals
Joie Hinton - Synths
Merv Pepler - Drums
Paul Hankin - Congas

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