Rock a Mambo - African Retro vol.5Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Despite all tragic happenings in the past weeks I am also

happy that we can still go on doing what we did. I wonder

if our buddies Owl and Nauma are okay. Didn't hear a word

of them anymore. Leave us a message guys.

Meantime, a little reward for all our determination and patience.

This is a great album, the 1977 re-release of a probably 1966

predecessor. Sweet rumba from Congo's sixties with some

heroes of the days; Nino Malapet, Jean Essous and Dewayon.

remember, password=globalgroove

Bit by bit the older files re-appear. I am not hurrying but if you

want me to re-up something in particular, just leave a note and

I'll try to keep up with requests, thnx & hang on...


1 Les voyous

2 Mi cancion

3 Maria valente

4 Rumba quiero

5 Baila

6 Serenade sentimentale

7 Jalousie

8 Panchita

9 El rumba so

10 Esnghe zuke

11 Bonne annee

12 Oyambaka ngai


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