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VA - Pool House (2010)

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VA - Pool House (2010)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Pool House
Year Of Release: September 7, 2010
Label: Ragimusic
Genre: Funky, Club House
Quality: mp3 | Joint Stereo
Bitrate: 320 kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 03 h 04 min 34 sec
Total Size: 452.57 mb

01. A Taste of Summer (Ibiza Chillhouse Kandiclub Mix) - Deep Dub Mafia
02. How Do You Feel (Ibiza Beach House del Mar Chillhouse Mix) - Housexy Babes
03. Beachball (Extended del Mar Version) - Beachsurfer Reloaded
04. Down Down Down - Dj Beachshaker
05. Keep Groovin Keep Movin (Jerry Ropero and Dennis the Menace Remix) - Tex Mex
06. Love Is Blind (David's Groovejet House Mix) - Vendetta Guetta
07. Dr. Beat (Sexy Tribal Club Mix) - Miami Club Machine
08. La Flor De Cano (Kut and Swel Mix) - Cohiba
09. Dancin As the Sun Goes Down (Ibiza Beach House Mix) - Toni Lopez
10. Billie Jean (Kut and Swel Mix) - SoundBluntz
11. Salsa Cubra Libre (Cha Cha Beach House Club Mix) - Cubana Gurls
12. Feeling Gaga (Dance Ibiza Chillhouse del Mar Mix) - Soulshift Lady
13. Papapapapap (Cascad a Touch Dub Mix) - Van Sinclair
14. Moments In Love (Kut and Swel Mix) - CMI
15. Ibiza Sunset Love (Chillhouse Mix) - Kandi Ennui
16. I Need Love (Las Salinas 5pm Ibiza Mix) - Juan Consuelo (feat. Lady Roux)
17. Never - Clevz
18. I Got Soul (Ministry of Soul Mix) - Sunsoak House
19. Lily Was Here (Back home to Ibiza Mix) - GPP
20. Saxofonia (Riva Soul Mix) - Bongo Starr
21. Anyway (Soul Deeply Sunseek Mix) - Ibiza Girls Connection
22. Give Me Music 2010 (Davido Lopez Tribal Mix) - John Freemason
23. Conos (Ibiza Bulletproof Beach Mix) - Juan Consuelo
24. Son Mon (Frowin von Boyen Mix) - Havanna Clubbers
25. Shine On - Enea Dj
26. Far Away from Me (Dr. Loop House Mix) - Blank Butch
27. Tango 2000 (Kut and Swel Tribal RMX) - Degg & Blakker
28. Forever (Chillhouse Groove Mix) - Kandi Ennui
29. Calling Trombonika (Americano Club Mix) - Mandinga
30. Infinity (Space Guru Chillhouse Mix) - Josh van Doorn

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