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Hity Radia italo4you.Vol.6

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Hity Radia italo4you.Vol.6


Bernie Paul - Oh No No (Club Mix)
Bodies Without Organs - Sunshine In The Rain (Italo Mix 2005)
Cirkus - Isabelle (Italiensk Version) (Single 1985)
Cliff Wedge - Go Go Yellow Screen (TomTom Short Mix)
Dj Linares - Pasaporte Express (ItaloMix 3)
John Cristian - Ebony Eyes (Sova Mix 1987)
Joy - Touch By Touch (87 New Mix)
Lady ''D'' - I' Yours Tonight (Club Version Mix 1989)
Mary Roos - Zeit (Words) (Single 1986)
Park Joong Re - Dancing Dj (Japan Disco Edit)
Supermagic Mix - (Side A) (1985)
Yasosy - Go Go The Yellow Screen (Album 1996)
Yoh Yo - The Main Attraction (Extended 1987)


BAD BOYS BLUE - You're A Woman (DJ Smash Cool Bootleg Rmx)
Belle Lawrence - Whenever Wherever (Definitve Mix)
BONEY M. - Daddy Cool (Yaki Kooper@Mash Remix)
DIABLOS - Ghostbuster (Remix)
Disco Superstars feat. Fany - Slice Me Nice 2008(Radio edit)
DJ´s INC. vs. OPUS - Live Is Life 2000 (Italo-Disco Mix)
Fancy -What Kinda Horny (Medley)
MADONNA vs. ABBA - Hung Up vs. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Offer Nissim Remix Promo)
MR. PRESIDENT - Coco Jambo (Andrew Scott Special Magic Remix)
Sash - Ganbareh (Mango Maniax Trance)
SNAP! vs. RUN DMC - Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002 (Club Mix)
Stefano Nardini - Il Ciupa Ciupa (Maxwell Remix)

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