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Rock \'n\' Roll Sisters

I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty.

Genre - Rock

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Code - OD-K-89412


1- The McGuire Sisters - Sugartime
2- The Beverley Sisters - I Dreamed
3- The Nelson Sisters - Ook Aah Ga Deek
4- The Miller Sisters - Ten Cats Down
5- The La Dell Sisters - Rockin' Robert
6- The De Castro Sisters - Don't Call Me Sweetie
7- The Five De Marco Sisters - The Hot Bacarolle
8- The Fontane Sisters - Eddie My Love
9- The Johnson Sisters - Hillbilly Soldier Joe
10- The Davis Sisters - Everlovin'
11- The Creel Sisters - Stop The Clock Rock
12- The Casey Sisters & The Salt Flat Stompers - Baby Me
13- The Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle
14- The Bonnie Sisters - Cry Baby
15- The Kim Sisters - Mr. Magic Moon
16- The Vonnair Sisters - Dum Papa Too Tah Tah.
17- The Silver Sisters - Waitin' For The Stars To Shine
18- The Gorman Sisters - Sock Hop
19- The Hunt Sisters - Elvis Is Rockin' Again
20- The Lana Sisters - Ring-A-My-Phone
21- The Paris Sisters - Huckleberry Pie
22- The Dooley Sisters - Shtiggy Boom
23- The Keefer Sisters - Wee-Willie Water Dilly
24- The Spence Sisters - Doo Bop Sham Bam
25- The Knight Sisters - Wooden Head Willie
26- The Sherry Sisters - Stay Away From Bobby
27- The Penny Sisters - Fabian
28- The Cannon Sisters - Valley Of Love
29- The Clinger Sisters - Golly Mum
30- The Capri Sisters - There But For Her Go I
31- The Smith Sisters - Bill Is A Boy
32- The England Sisters - Heartbeat
33- The Shepherd Sisters - Alone (Why Must I Be Alone?)
34- The Sisters - Wait 'Til My Bobby Gets Home
35- The Andrews Sisters - Mr. Bass Man


compiled by Emiliano M.A. aka Rocky Monroe (Spain. 2011)

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