MCH BAND-1982-1986, 2xCD, 1992, CZECHOSLOVAKIA

A follow-up to my long-ago post of this powerhouse Czech avant prog outfit's early 90's outing "Gib Acht", the work of the MCH Band on this archivally assembled collection could well give The Plastic People Of The Universe a run for their money as the most formidable and outwardly bound Czech unit active during the period represented here. Led by guitarist/sax player Mikolas Chadima, the array of tracks at hand from a decade or so earlier than Gib Acht are a good bit more rawboned and raucous. They schematically divided this two disc set between rock and improvised sections, disc one offering up a magnificent array of nervous avant rock motion, tense atmospheric gestures and bass driven minor key grooves that jibe rather a lot with many of the best outfits out of Czechoslovakia during this era from E to Psi Vojaci to Pro Pocit Jistoty. In fact, it's easy to see how much this material served as a template for the slightly later work of the folks in Uz Jsme Doma. Disc two veers off into much more purgatorial zones of mystery, abstraction and unease that are almost Einsturzende Neubauten-like at times.

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