Adrian Gurvitz - Sweet Vendetta (Vinyl, LP, Album) [1979]

When Adrian Gurvitz started his solo career in 1979 with the album "Sweet Vendetta", his loyal fans probably embarrassed because his music style had totally changed from hard and heavy into soft and mellow, which must be brought by the top L.A. top session musicians including TOTO members. In 1980, "Il Assassino" followed, which also has soft and mellow with a kind of early 80's disco sounds. With respect to "Sweet Vendetta", this album was reissued in 1992 by Sony Records, Japan but the quality of the sound was not said to be good even in compliment. Now, JVC / Victor Entertainment, Japan has re-reissued this remastered version with a bonus "Drifting Star" which was B-side of 12 inch single "The Way I Feel" only released in the United Kingdom. And at the same time "Il Assassino" are reissued very first time in the world.

Track list;
01 - Untouchable And Free. 5:01
02 - The Wonder Of It All. 4:15
03 - Put A Little Love (In Life's Heart). 6:17
04 - Love Space. 4:50
05 - The Way I Feel. 5:17
06 - Time Is Endless. 3:59
07 - I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head. 4:00
08 - Free Ride. 5:30
09 - One More Time. 2:53
10 - Drifting Star (bonus track). 3:52

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