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New Year Dance 2011 (mtu)

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New Year Dance 2011 (mtu)

Genre:House, Club, Dance
Extensie: Mp3
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Cover: Frontje
Jaar: 2010/2011
Grootte:133 Mb
Aantal CD's:1
Overige bijzonderheden:Geen

New Year Dance 2011 (mtu)

01. Jeremy Kalls - Anything For You (Radio Edit)
02. Emmanuel G - La Ola (Radio Edit)
03. The Dancing Machine - Tonight Is (Radio Edit)
04. Shining Point - Girlz Luv DJ's (Radio Edit)
05. Alain Bertoni - Come With Me (feat Jimmy Slitter - Radio Edit)
06. Gianni Kosta - Crazy (feat Paolo Ravley - Radio Edit)
07. Aerial Carbon - What You Want (feat Violetta - Alexandre De Beauregard Remix)
08. Charmels - Saturday Night (Radio Edit)
09. DJ Dubi - Baila Morena (feat Toni Lumiella - DJ Tisi & Palace Remix)
10. Tony Marquez - In Love With The Music (feat Phylly - Radio Edit)
11. Mark Skyy - She's Supersonic (feat Big Daddi - Radio Edit)
12. Jeremy Arnold - Fiesta 2010 (Radio Edit)
13. Full Dawa - Dabai Dabai (Radio Edit)
14. Jakarta - Around The Sun (Gregori Klosman Remix)
15. Sara Sofia - Quiero Mas De Ti (original mix)
16. Olivier Darock - Miss You (Radio Edit)
17. Sunday - Begin To Biguine (Radio Edit)
18. Platine - Ram Sam Sam (Radio Edit)
19. Toni Granello - Wings Of Love (Remady Radio Mix)
20. Jeremy De Koste - Drive Me Insane (The Nycer Radio Mix)
21. Andrew Spencer - I'm Always Here (feat Pit Bailay - Radio Edit)
22. DJ Mom's - Pray (Radio Edit)
23. Syskey & Julien Di Mauro - In The Club (Dutch Radio Edit)
24. Loic Penillo - Pura Vida (feat Audrey Valorzi - Spanish Radio Edit)

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