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I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty.

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One of the top British dance and urban contemporary trios in the early '80s, Loose Ends formed in London. They were originally called Loose End, and included Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene, and Steve Nichol. Virgin signed them in 1981, and their debut was written by Chris and Eddie Amoo of the Real Thing. The group changed its name to Loose Ends in 1983, and signed with MCA in America in 1984. Their single "Hanging on a String (Contemplating)" topped the R&B charts in 1985, and they repeated that achievement in 1986 with "Slow Down." Their last hit was "Watching You" in 1988, which reached number two. The group shuffled its lineup in 1990 for the release of Look How Long, with McIntosh now joined by Linda Carriere and Sunay Suleyman. McIntosh also produced several artists, notably Caron Wheeler.

Album: A Little Spice (1983)

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1. Tell Me What You Want
2. Feel So Right Now
3. Let's Rock
4. So Much Love
5. Dial 999
6. Music Makes Me Higher
7. Choose Me
8. A Little Spice


Album: So Where Are You (1985)

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01. Magic Touch
02. A New Horizon
03. If My Lovin' Makes You Hot
04. So Where Are You
05. Golden Years
06. Hangin' On A String (Contemplating)
07. Give It All You Got
08. The Sweetest Pain
09. You Can't Stop The Rain
10. Silent Talking


Album: Zagora (1986)

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01. Stay A Little While, Child
02. Be Thankful (Mama's Song)
03. Slow Down
04. Ooh, You Make Me Feel
05. Just A Minute
06. Who Are You
07. I Can't Wait
08. Nights Of Pleasure
09. Let's Get Back To Love
10. Stay A Little While, Child


Album: The Real Chuceeboo (1988)

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01. Watching You
02. There's No Gratitude
03. Real Chuckeeboo
04. You've Just Got To Have It All
05. Life
06. What Goes Around
07. Easier Said Than Done
08. Hungry
09. Is It Ever Too Late
10. Remote Control
11. Too Much
12. Johnny Broadhead


Album: Look How Long (1990)

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01. Don't Be A Fool
02. Don't You Ever (Try To Change Me)
03. Love's Got Me
04. Try My Love
05. Time Is Ticking
06. Look How Long
07. Cheap Talk
08. I Don't Need To Love
09. Hold Tight
10. Love Controversity Part 1
11. Symptoms Of Love
12. Let's Wax A Fatty


Album: Tighten Up Volume 1 (1992)

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01. Magic Touch
02. Gonna Make You Mine
03. Hangin' On A String
04. Choose Me
05. A Little Spice
06. Slow Down
07. Don't Worry
08. Love's Got Me
09. Don't Be A Fool
10. Watching You
11. Tell Me What You Want
12. Ooh You Make Me Feel
13. Hangin' On A String (The Original)


Album: The Best of Loose Ends (2003)

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1. Hangin' on a String
2. Magic Touch
3. Don't Be a Fool
4. Slow Down Listen
5. Emergency (Dial 999)
6. Tell Me What You Want
7. Choose Me
8. Golden Years
9. Mr Bachelor
10. Nights of Pleasure
11. Stay a Little While Child
12. Love's Got Me
13. Ooh, You Make Me Feel
14. Watching You
15. Cheap Talk



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