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Texas Jim Lewis Standard Radio Transcriptions - 2

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Sorry for the late post folks, been super busy as usual. I've been getting a lot of requests for the second part of the Texas Jim Lewis transcriptions so here they are. I know, "FINALLY" you say. Heh Heh.
Thanks again to Dennis Flannigan for sharing these.

Track Listing
1. ONE SIDED LOVE (Judy Knight & Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)          (1:33)
2. PEEKIN' THROUGH THE KEYHOLE (Texas Jim Lewis)                           (1:52)
3. PLINY JANE (Texas Jim Lewis)                                            (1:28)
4. PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME HONEY (TJL & Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)   (1:54)
5. RAMBLIN' BLUES (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                        (2:06)
6. SADDLES IN THE SKY (Don Walsh-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                      (2:14)
7. SINCE I BOUGHT MY TV SET (Texas Jim Lewis)                              (2:02)
8. SLIPPING AROUND (Texas Jim Lewis)                                       (2:43)
9. SUMPIN' SPECIAL (Texas Jim Lewis)                                       (1:54)
10. SWEET FACE BUT A COLD HEART (Texas Jim Lewis)                           (2:12)
11. SWEETHEARTS OR STRANGERS (Dan Walsh-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                (2:46)
12. THE CATTLE CALL (Billy Lee-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                         (2:30)
13. THE OLD WATERWHEEL (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                    (2:18)
14. THE ROSE OF THE BORDER (Don Walsh & Trio-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)           (2:08)
15. THE WILD GUITAR (Jack Rivers-gtr) (Texas Jim Lewis)                     (2:47)
16. THINKING TONIGHT OF MY BLUE EYES (Texas Jim Lewis)                      (2:53)
17. THREE CENT STAMP (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                      (1:58)
18. WANG WANG BLUES (Texas Jim Lewis)                                       (2:13)
19. WARM RED WINE (Lloyd Worrell-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                       (2:09)
20. WILL THERE BE A RANGE IN HEAVEN (Don Walsh & Trio-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)  (2:19)
21. WORRIED MIND (Texas Jim Lewis)                                          (2:09)
22. YOU WERE CARELESS (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis)                     (2:03)

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