KC Bowman - Fresher Tin Villages (CD, Album)

Album Art Cover
KC Bowman ‎– Fresher Tin Villages
Label:Timber Trout Recordings ‎– none
Format:CD, Album
Style:Power Pop
1 Taipans Adore You
2 Love Behold The Sky
3 Cuban Illness Anxiety
4 Mare Island
5 Fresher Tin Villages
6 Palomine Cranes
7 High Maintenance
8 Capital I
9 Bring Bold Speak
10 Pearl Blossom Orange
11 California In February
12 Matterhorn
13 Pumpkins Angels
14 Spacegirl
15 Cactus League Game
16 Our Market
17 Favorite Blue Sweater
18 Be Nice To Plants
19 Green Companion Of Gilt
20 God Stiffens My Frame
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