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Good Rockin' Tonight - The Best Of... - 2 CD's

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altHere's a coolest british Rock and Roll band, it needs to mention
that their lead guitarist and in some cases lead vocals is
John O'Malley from the Nitros. They got in their stuff
own songs and cover versions, but they play then so good.
It's Rock and Roll with chorus (like The Jets or The Keytones)
also you can find some melodic Neo-Rockabilly tunes.
I like specially when John O'malley sing, it seems new songs from
The Nitros, several songs are composed by himself.
Songs like "King of the blues, Flame of love, The great pretender
(inspired in the 50's cover of Jim Alley & The Alley Cats, fast
version), No room in my world or Teenage fantasy" to name
just a few, they're excellent songs, Good Rockin' Stuff!!!
This is a home brew that I compiled from several original albums,
I just enclosed their best stuff in my opinion, the result is,
2 CD's with 46 great songs from this top modern Rock and Roll band!!
Hope you enjoy!!!

Track list
Disc 1
1.- Zing With The Strings Of My Heart*; 2.- Where Are You;
3.- Do You Want Me Too; 4.- How Many Days; 5.- Beauty Queen*;
6.- Suntan Tattoo; 7.- That's How Our Love Began;
8.- The Great Pretender; 9.- Teenage Fantasy*; 10.- Pink Cadillac*;
11.- Rockin' Rollin' Stone*; 12.- Trouble With A Capital T *;
13.- Catty Town*; 14.- Big Boss Man; 15.- Lover Boy's Back In Town*;
16.- Could We; 17.- Why*; 18.- Let's Jump Tonight*;
19.- Back In My Arms; 20.- That Ain't Enough*;
21.- Alright OK You Win; 22.- Slowboat To China*; 23.- Marie Marie;
Disc 2
1.- Hot Dog; 2.- Rebound; 3.- Let's Swing*;
4.- Fabulous Cure; 5.- Betty Lou; 6.- Merry Xmas Baby Tonight*;
7.- Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree; 8.- Fabulous;
9.- Train To Nowhere; 10.- First In Line; 11.- Nutrocker;
12.- We Say Yeah; 13.- Move It; 14.- Sights On Someone New*;
15.- Walk Don't Run; 16.- Soft Pillow*; 17.- King Of The Blues*;
18.- Flame Of Love*; 19.- In Heaven Tonight*;
20.- 49 Women; 21.- No Room In My World*;
22.- Fool Fool Fool; 23.- Goofin' Around.

(*) Lead Vocals John O'Malley
other songs Lead vocals Mark Keeley

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