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Smoov-E - Mr. Biscuits (2010) (Hip Hop) (Rapidshare)

I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty.

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1. The Biscuits Is Back 2:18
2. Coke Bottle Figure (ft. Andre Nickatina) 2:34
3. Cash Advancement (ft. Count Salaz) 3:50
4. Mr. Moneymaker (ft. Reek Daddy) 3:16
5. Victor Maitland (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung) 2:38
6. Blue Eyed Baby 1:57
7. Dont Knoe Where To Go 4:50
8. Money In The Back (ft. Too Short) 3:41
9. History (ft. Pat Rich) 4:21
10. Gotta Get Cha (ft. Jackpot) 3:46
11. The Fondler 2:26
12. Pocket Full Of Gold 3:54
13. You Dont Want The Dirty D (ft. Count Salaz, Jackpot) 7:41
14. Street Sweeper 2:53
15. Freaks Galore (ft. First Degree) 3:47
16. Sharp And Shady (ft. Jackpot) 4:01
17. Bella 2:57

Preheat the oven and set your kitchen timer because Smoov-E has a brand new
recipe for his tenth album, Mr. Biscuits. These are not the biscuits your
grandma used to make, unless she was a shameless nymphomaniac with an
unquenchable thirst for canned beer and warm Japanese rice wine. No this hearty
batch contains 17 servings per container with extra helpings of teeth rattling
bass. Featuring recipes from some of the Bays top chefs including Too Short,
Brotha Lynch Hung, Andre Nickatina, and Reek Daddy. The tracks Bella, Blue
Eyed Baby, and The Fondler display Smoov-Es roaring libido and sexual
innuendo in the style of the classic oldies he loved growing up. A
hand painted album cover and flyers containing one of Es secret recipes are
sure to have the folks mouths watering. So keep your nose keen to the scent of
baking products because Mr. Biscuits has something special in the oven for
your whole family!


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