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Emynd & 4 AM Jess “SHAKE WHUT YA GOT”

I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty.

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Emynd & 4 AM Jess “SHAKE WHUT YA GOT”

Emynd & 4 AM Jess “SHAKE WHUT YA GOT”


01. DJ Laz “Bass Groove”
02. DJ Nasty “My Cadillac (Got Bass)”
03. JT Money & The Poison Clan “Dance All Night”
04. JT Money & The Poison Clan “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya”
05. MC Shy D “Shake It”
06. Anquette “Shake It (Do The 61st)”
07. Danny D & DJ Wiz “Shake It All Night”
08. Half Pint “One Leg Up”
09. Big Ace “Lick It Down”
10. Splack Pack “Scrub Da Ground”
11. Splack Pack “Tip For The Strip”
12. 12 Guage “Donkey Butt”
13. Uncle Luke “It’s Your Birthday”
14. Unlce Luke “Raise The Roof”
15. Uncle Al ft Luke and Trick Daddy “Scarred”
16. Uncle Al ft Luke “Get Rowdy”
17. Gucci Crew “Sally That Girl”
18. Gucci Crew & Two Forty Shorty “Shake It”
19. Bad Behavior “To My House”
20. Dimples T “Jealous Fellas”
21. JDC “Jealous Girls”
22. The Dogs “Where Is Disco Rick At?”
23. Disco Rick “Nasty Dance”
24. The Dogs “Your Momma’s On Crack Rock”
25. The Puppies “Funky Y2C”
26. The Puppies “Slam It”
27. Disco Rick “Wiggle Wiggle”
28. 2 Live Crew “Back At Your Ass”
29. DJ Laz “Hey You!”
30. DJ Laz “Esa Moreno”
31. DJ Laz “Get Your Ass Off The Stage”
32. DJ Laz “Red Alert”
33. DJ Laz “Red Alert 98″
34. DJ Laz “Basstronic”
35. DJ Laz “Journey Into Bass”
36. DJ Laz “STick Out Your Butt”
37. DJ Laz “Mami El Negro”
38. A-Town Players “Wassup, Wassup!”
39. Playa Poncho, LA Snow, and A-Town Players “Whatz Up, Whatz Up!”
40. Get Money Girls “Show Me The Money”
41. Quad City DJ “Work Baby Work”
42. 69 Boyz “Woof Woof”
43. 95 South “Wet N Wild (DJ Laz Booty Bounce)”
44. City Boyz “City Boy Bounce”
45. Playa Poncho “Koochie Kutterz”
46. The Bassorcist “Woofer Terror Upper”

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