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DjFajry-The 10 Years Megamix Part-One

DjFajry-The 10 Years Megamix Part-One

Artist : DJ Fajry
Title : The 10 Years Megamix Part-One
Year : 2009
Genre : Dance
Quality : 224 kbs
Total Time : 79:22
Total Sise : 127 mb
Uploaded : Megaupload

2005-Johana Zimer с I Believe
1999-Michael Chacon с La Banana
2006-Martin Jondo с Are You Really Waiting
2007-James Blunt с Wisemen
2005-Melanie C с The First Day Of My Life
2002-Avril Lavigne с Complicated
2003-Blue с Guilty
2003-Blue - U Make Me Wanna
2005-Blue - Curtain Falls
2007-James Morrisson с You Give Me Something
2000-Melanie C - Never Be The Same Again
2000-Eminem с Stan
2000-Bomfunk Mcнs с Freestyler
2000-NSync - It's Gonna Be Me
2000-Craig David с Seven Days
2006-Jojo с Too Little Too Late
1999-Bob Marley с Turn You Light Down Low
2001-Gorillaz с Clint Eastwood
2001-NegнMarrons с Le Temps Passe
2005-Jojo с Leave Out
1999-Christina Aguilira с Genie In A Bottle
2003-Ace Of Base с Unspeakable
2001-Sarah Connor с Letнs Get Back To Bad Boy!
2000-Joe с Bye Bye Baby
2002-Sarah Connor с Unbelievable
2000-Highland с Se Tu Vuoi
2001-Lil Bow Wow с Bow Wow
2001-Merry J Blidge с Family Affair
2003-Jeanette с Rock My Life
2003-Beyonce с Baby Boy
2004-J Kwon с Tipsy (Acpla)
2003-Las Ketchup с The Ketcup Song
2000-Celine Dion с Thatнs The It Is
2000-Highland с Bella Stella
2005-Natasha tomas с Itнs Over Now
2005-Ciara ft Missy Elliott с 1;2 Step (Acpla)
2001-Atomic Kitten с Whole Again
2000-Groove Armada с My Friend
2000-Missy Elliott с One Minute Man (Acpla)
2003-The Black Eyed Peas Feat. Justin T с Where Is The Love
2005-Mario с Let Me Love You
2003-Sertab Erener - every Way That I Can
2001-Michael Jackson с rock My world
2005-Arash с boro Boro
2002-DJ Bobo с Lies
2000-Outkast с Ms Jackson
1999-Down Low с Once Upen a Time
2005-Maroon 5 с This Love
2002-Will Smith с Nod our Head
2001-Britney Spears с Overprotected
2006-La Fabrica с Gasolina
2005-Shakira с La Tortura
2005-Soraya с Corazon De Fuego
2004-Sari Duo с All The People
2000-Robbie Williams с Supreme
2003-Eminem с Business
2005-Natasha Thomas с save Your Kisses
2006-Juanes с La Camisa Negra
2000-Rhona с Satisfied
2002-Anastacia с Paid My Dues
2002-Holly Valance с Kiss Kiss
2000-Jennifer Lopez с Love Donнt Cost A Thing
2001-Lean Rimes с Canнt Fight The Moon Light
2002-BroнSis с I Believe
1999-Bobby Summer с Jabba Jabba
1999-Yamboo с Come With Me
1999-Eiffel 65 с Too Much Of Heaven
2005-Blazin Quad с Flip Revers
2000-Chab 3issa с Lala Noara
2000-Eve с I Got What You Need
2001-Truth Hurts Feat. Rakim с Addictive
2005-Anastacia с Sick And Tired
2001-Bosson с One In A Million
2005-Mvp с Rock You Body
2003-Justin Timberlak с Rock You body
2003-One T с Cool T
1999-Garcia с Calimba De Luna
2003-Sean Paul с get Busy
2007-Blue Lagoon с Isle Of Paradise
1999-Enreque Iglesias с Bailamos
2001-King Afrika с Bomba
2000-King Afrika - El Humahuaque?o
2001-Jennifer Lopez с Ainнt It Funny
2000-Mary Mary с Sharkless
2005-Blue Lagoon с Really Want To Hurt Me
2001-Mis-Teeq с Scandalous
2005-Gabre Ponte с Sin Pararse
2002-DJ Bobo с lonely For You
2002-DJ Bobo с Summertime
2000-Azucar Moreno с Corazon
2002-DJ Bobo (With Emilia)- Everybody 2002
1999-Elissa с Baddi Doob
2000-Mis-Teeq с One Minute Stand
2001-Jeanette с How Itнs Got To Be
2000-Shah Rukh Khan - Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
2000-Missy Eliot с Work It (Acpla)
2005-The 411 - Dumb
2005-Will Smith с Switch
1999-Geri Halliwell с Mi Chico Latino
2005-Blue с Bubblinн
2002-Mustapha Sandal - Aya Benzer 2003
2002-Billy Crawford с Trackinн
2008-Kelly Rowland с Work
2000-The Avalanches с Sine I left You
2006-Craig David с All The Way
2005-Anastacia с Left Outside Alone
2000-Robbie Williams с Rock DJ
2000-Destinyнs Child с Bootylicious (Acpla)
2001-Liberty X с Just A Litlle Bit
2000-5ive с Donнt Wanna Let You Go
1999-Vengaboys с Weнre Going To Ibiza
2005-The Chemical Bross с Galvanize
2004-Shawn Desman с Letнs Go
2001-Atomic Kitten с The Tide Is High
2000-Vengaboys с Uncle John
2001-Backstreet Boys с The Call
2000-Jennifer Lopez с Play
2000-Yannick с Ces SoirИes L‡
2007-The Pussycat Dalls с I Donнt Need A Man
2003-Nancy Aajram с Yay
1999-C -Block сKeep Moving
2005-Jeanette с Hold That Line
2000-DJ Bobo с Let The Party Begin
2005-The Black Eyed Peas с Letнs Get The Party Started (Acpla)
2005-Blue Lagoon с Break My Stride
2005-The Black Eyed Peas с Letнs Get The Party Started (Acpla)
2003-Punjabi Mc с Jogi
2004-Usher Yeah (Acpla)
2004-Simply Red с sunrise
1999-Will Smith с Wild Wild West (Acpla)
2005-Rupee с Tempted To Touch
1999-Will Smith с Wild Wild West (Acpla)
2004-Douzi с Yalli Nassini
2006-Beeny Man Feat Akon с Girls (Acpla)
2006-Blue Lagoon с Heart Breaker
2005-Kevin Little с Turn Me On
2006-The Chemical Bross с Galvanize (Acpla)
1999-Backstreet Boys с Larger Than Life
2007-Scissor Sisters с I Donнt Feel Like Dancing
1999-Hevia - Busindre Reel
2000-Christina Milian с When You Look At Me
2008-Kraak & smaak с squeeze Me
2001-Moulin Rouge с Lady Marmalade
2001-Stephan Raab с Space Taxi
2004-Gwen Stephani с Holla Back Girl
2003-Lorna с Papi Chulo
2004-Kelisс Milkshake
2004-Jamelia с Super Star
2000-Matt с R&b De Rue
2004-J-Five с Modern Times
2004-The Black eyed Peas с Shut Up
2005-Us5 с Maria
2004-Candi Staton & The Source - You Got The Love
2000-N Sync с Iнll Never Stop
2001-Janet Jackson с All For You
2000-Hicham Aabbass с Nari Nareen
2000-Sisqo с Dance For Me
2007-Craig David с Letнs Dance
2007-Maroon 5 с Make Me Wonder
2005-Snoop Dogg - Signs
2001-Elvis с A Little Less Conversation
2000-Mami с Le Rai Cнest Chic
2004-Christina Aguilira Feat Missy Elliot с Car Wash
2000-Carlos Santana с smouth
2007-Mika с Relax Take It Easy (Acpla)
2000-DJ Bobo - Music Is My Life
2001-S Club 7 с Donнt Stop Moving (Acpla)
2006-K-Maro с Femme Like
2006-Sean Paul с We Will Be Burning
2001-Sophie Eliss Bextor с Murder On The Dance Foor
2001-5ive - Letнs Dance (Acpla)
2000-Emma Bunton с What Took you So Long
2001-No Angels с Rivers Of Joy
2003-Junior Senior с Move Your Feet
2000-Alazan с Torero
2004-Anastacia с One day In Your Life
2000-Madonna с Music (Acpla)
2001-Schiller Mit Heppner с Dream Of You
2004-Carlito-Carlito (Who's That Boy)
2000-David Bisbal с Corazon Latino
2004-3T с Stuck On You
2001-N Sync с Pop
2000-Demon vs Heart Breaker с Youнre My High
2004-Kelis - Milkshake (Acpla)
2000-Rednex с The Spirit Of The Hawk
2004-Gwen Stephanie с Forca (Acpla)

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