Cover Album of DON & DEWEY "JUNGLE HOP"


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Genre - World Music

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alt01. Jungle Hop

02. A Little Love
03. Hey Thelma
04. Baby Gotta Party
05. Miss Sue
06. Good Morning
07. Leavin' It All Up To You
08. Jelly Bean
09. Sweet Talk
10. Farmer John
11. Just A Little Lovin'
12. The Letter
13. When The Sun Has Begun To Shine
14. Bim Bam
15. Day By Day
16. Koko Joe
17. Justine
18. Little Sally Walker
19. Kill Me
20. Bog Boy Pete
21. Farmer John
22. Pink Champagne
23. Jump Awhile
24. Mammer-Jammer
25. Get Your Hat
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