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VA-Dance Connection 2010 Vol.1-5

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VA-Dance Connection 2010 Vol.1-5

Artysta: V.A.
Tytuі: V.A.Dance Connection 2010 Vol.1-5
Rok: 2010
Gatunek: Dance
Jako¶ci: 320
Razem czas: 6:40:53
Razem Sise: 924 Mb

Dance Connection 2010 vol.01

01.Baby Alice – Pina Colada Boy 2010 (Dj Ander Rmx Radio Edit)-abl-
02.Clubmasters – Only You (Italo Radio Version)-abl-
03.Basic Element ft.D.Flex – Touch You Right Now-abl-
04.Jordin Sparks – Balttlefield (Deejay-Jany FM Tanz)-abl-
05.Herona – Dragonly-abl-
06.Queensberry – Too Young-abl-
07.Club Obsession – Celebrate The Summer Once Again (Jamalson Rmx)-abl-
08.Wet Fingers – Put Ur Hands Up (Radio Edit)-abl-
09.DJ Shothead pres. Sterlingstation Project – Gates of Infinity (Radio Version)-abl-
10.Ray & Anita ( 2 Unlimited ) – In Da Name Of Love ( Robson Michel Extended Version)-abl-
11.Carefree – Broken Strings-abl-
12.Deep Spirit – No Cover So-abl-
13.La Mica Feat. Loona – Life its just a game-abl-
14.Michael Mind Project – How does it feel (radio edit)-abl-
15.Nordic Stars – Crying In The Rain (Falling Apart Remix)
16.Darren Styles – SkyDivin (Rayzr Remix Edit 2k10)-abl-
17.Eddy Wata – La Bomba (Peter Dj Danza Mix)
18.Sean_Kingston – Fire Burning (Digitunez remix)-abl-
19.Tracore – Alive-abl-
20. Maxx King – We like to party-abl-
21.Vyck Vyo – Only Love Can Make Me Strong (Extended Mix)-abl-

Dance Connection 2010 vol.02

01.Mario Bischin – Special (Dj Mahay Remix)
02.Jay-Kes – A better place
03.Steve Rhyner – Dive Into The City
04.Colonia – deja vu (verzija 2009)
05.Sinatrax – I Will Be Like U
06.Boys Likes girls – 2 is Better than one (mike rizzo club remix)
07.Deejay Delight – I Promise myself (dj gollum remix edit)
08.The Rasmus – In The Shadows (Tom Ricks Remix)
09.Iyaz – Replay (Ajan-m & Basse Remix)
10.Isvaffel Feat. Bob Boomerang – Eyes Will See ( sinlak remix)
11.A2B feat. Fara – Tell Me Where You Are (Bootleggerz Remix)
12.Primetime – Fly With Me (Catchy Crew Remix)
13.Ashlan Dj – If I Could Be You(Special Vocal Edit)
14.Bob Sinclair & Shaggy – I Wanna(radio remix)
15.Ray & Anita ( 2 Unlimited ) – In Da Name Of Love ( Single Edit)
16.Jinny – Wanna be with you (dj gio remix radio)
17.Timbaland Feat. Katy Perry – If We Ever Meet Again (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
18.Kato feat. Jon – Turn The Lights Off
19.50 Cent vs.Alice Deejay – better off alone technology (remixed by dj kon tempt)
20.Dj Bobo – superstar (radio edit ) 2010
21.Vyck Vyo – Elena (Energy Mix)(Bonus)

Dance Connection 2010 vol.03

01.Frontier – a I Can Feel
02.Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris – Break Your Heart (Wideboys Club Mix)
03.Alisan Aslan – Zookey 2010 (Original Mix)
04.Connect-R – Murderer (Radio Edit)
05.Alex C – Angel Of Darkness (Dj Impresio Radio Mix)
06.Cansis – The Riddle (club edit)
07.Darin – Viva La Vida (Sebastian Voight radio remix)
08.Dash Berlin feat.Emma Hewitt – Waiting
09.Deep And White – definition of love
10.Dj Layla feat.Alissa – single lady
11.DJ Fenix & Supafly Inc. – I Believe (Original Mix)
12.Fawni – Serious (soul junkie remix radio edit)
13.Fragma – Forever And a Day
14.La Mica feat Loona – Life Is Just A Game 2010 (Club Mix)
15.Miss Destiny – Yesterday
16.Zaar – waiting (radio edit)
17.Jan Wayne – Hello
18.Inna – Love (George Vedort TRBB Style Remix)
19.Mixadance Pro – Feeling (Oleg-Off & DJ Jim Vocal Mix Edit)
20.Nick(N&D) – Come on and try(Dj Lucian Tribal Version 2010)

Dance Connection 2010 vol.04

01. Discotronic – To The Moon And Back (Radio Edit)
02. Pink Money – The way (Dj Gollum remix)
03. Victor Ark feat Roby Rossini – My Life (Radio Mix)
04. Aleks Deejay – I Wanґt To Remember (Zurnoplayerz Vox Airplay)
05. DJ Hyo – Dream Of You (Mike Junior Club Cut)
06. Nordic Stars – Tell Me Why (The Weddmen Remix)
07. Disc Jockeyz – The Riddle (radio edit)
08. Calvaruso Feat Gilles – Believe In Lucky Life (Calvaruso Unlike Life Edit)
09. Restricted Area – Alive (Hardcharger Remix Edit)
10. One night stand – Photographic (topmodelz radio_edit)
11. Basse ft. StarCube – Pink (Champagne Mix)
12. Fcdeejay feat. The Vain Boy – Just A Message (Original Radio)
13. Khrys – Like a wall (original mix)
14. Aleks Deejay – I Donґt Care (ADJ 2K7 Sommer Mix)
15. Infiniti & D.I.P Project – Stereo Ljubov
16. X-Ray – Rock The Indians
17. DJ Hyo – Dream of You (MarsaX Remix)
18. Komodo – Still (Dj Magix Italo Remix)
19. Victoria Feat. Radu Sirbu – Lambada Night
20. Naya – When We Are Together (Italo Radio Edit)

Dance Connection 2010 vol.05

01.Kate Lesing – Talking To The Moon (il Piccolo Italo Remix)
02.Taio Cruz feat.Ludacris – break your heart (radio no rap)
03.Marie Louise – You & I (Sound Selektaz Remix)
04.Ekowraith – Waiting For Tonight (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
05.Jan Wayne presents Gorgeous X – black velvet (gollum vs.jan wayne remix edit)
06.Dj Bobo – upside down
07.RMB – Deep Down Below (Smallkow Remix)
08.Kaida – Ticket 2 Heaven (Cosmic Ravers Remix)
09.Iyaz – Replay (BeatSource Remix)
10.Dr.Alban – It’s My Life 2010 (Dj Virt mix)
11.Mozzymann – Only (Alchemist Project Remix)
12.Philippe Coste Feat. Laura Zen – Love Me Tonight (Radio Edit)
13.Colonia – lady blue
14.Wildboyz feat. Ameerah – The Sound Of Missing You (Radio Edit)
15.Movetown – Girl you know its true (Damon Paul Mix)
16.Longo & WainWright – One Life Stand (Jorg Schmid Remix)
17.Lazard feat Muzzy G – I Wanna Grow Old With You (Driver & Face Remix)
18.Selena Gomez The Scene – Naturally (Disco Fries Extended Mix)
19.Morandi – Colors (Van Date Club Remix)
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