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Dancefloor-Mix Vol.7

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Dancefloor-Mix Vol.7

01. Dancefloor-Mix 7
Gina G - Ooh Aah,-Just A Little Bit
Rebeca - Corazon,Corazon
Magia Vision Feat.Soccer - Na,Na,Hey,Hey (Goodbye)
Me & My - Lion Eddie
Ice Mc - Give Me The Light
Passpar 2 Feat.Sydney Fresh & Mc J - My Fantasy
Alexia - Summer Is Crazy
Voice - Dance With Me
No Mercy - Where Do You Go
Magic Affair - World Of Fredom
Heinz Erhardt & Cinematic - Die Made
Sqeezer - Blue Jeans
Promise - The Promise

02. Greatest Hits Party Mix
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
Bliss Team - Make My Cry
Taleesa - Let Me Be
Moby - Everytime You Touch Me
World Inside Feat.Dj Panda - It's A Dream
Moratto - Warriors
Dj Cerla & Moratto - Wonder
Exit Way - Welcome To The Future

03. Spanish Classic Cut
Sebastian - Shut Up
Whigfield - Last Christmas (Joke)
Trance - Stayin'Alive
Beat & Peter - V.A.N.G.
Viva - Nirvana
2 In A Room - Ahora (Now)

04. Whigfield - Sexy Eyes (Special Extended Remix)
05. S'Express - S'Express (The Return Trip Remix'96)

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