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Bubu – Anabelas – 1978 (Argentina) progressive rock

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BUBU's "Anabelas" is one of the most complete prog albums to have come out of Argentina in the 1970s. "Anabelas" consists of three long epic compositions, and features mostly instrumental music that sounds like a cross of early KING CRIMSON, MAGMA and ÄNGLAGARD. BUBU was quite a large band and actually with a wide range of talent and instrumentation. Along with the traditional rock set-up (guitar, bass, and drums), the band featured a violinist, flutist, saxophonist, and pianist. Each composition is filled with intense interaction between the musicians, dozens of melodic surprises, and unexpected tempo changes. Their music is complex, energetic, and diabolical in a KING CRIMSON-ish sort of way. Very surprising is that there is no noodling and very little soling to be found here and although does offer a pretty trippy and wild musical experience, never gets too out of control or becoming un-accessible for the listener. Without a question this is an awesome recording and a necessity in anyone’s progressive rock collection. Absolutely brilliant progressive rock...!

- Sergio Polizzi / violinВ 
- Cecilia Tenconi / flute, piccolo, bass fluteВ 
- Win Fortsman / tenor sax, wordsВ 
- Petty Guelache / lead & backing vocalsВ 
- Eduardo Rogatti / guitarВ 
- Eduardo "Fleke" Folino / bassВ 
- Eduardo "Polo" Corbella / drums, percussionВ 
- Daniel Andreoli / composition, arrangement

alt1. El Cortejo de un DГ­a Amarillo (19:25)В 
2. El Viaje de Anabelas (11:12)В 
3. SueГ±os de ManiquГ­ (9:16)

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