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altShared by Refer. The version of Senza Fine is simply delicious. Thanks, my friend.

1. Invitation
2. She Was Too Good To Me
3. I Wish I Knew
4. Speak Low
5. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
6. I'll Remember April -
7. Save Your Love For Me
8. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men
9. Skylark
10. Senza Fine
11. Dindi by
12. This Time The Dream's On Me

The always elegant Boz makes a significant leap from his first collection of standards, bringing a strong sensual edge to "Speak Low." Not only does he sound thoroughly involved but he has an acoustic bassist as a sparring partner, dancing around his vocals and peppering the empty spaces with flair. Album will be released on vinyl on Sept 30. [Variety .com]

"It was raining, cold out. I walked by the Blue Note and heard music coming out of the club. It was vibes, string trio, a couple of horns - this was the sound I'd been hearing in my head, exactly. Turned out to be Gil Goldstein and a nonet. After the set Gil and I started talking, and it was just a really nice meeting. When we got together around a piano, that was it. We knew."

"So many people in the last decade have gone back to the standards; the list is as long as my arm. Lots of them with big orchestras, too," Scaggs said in his bio. "It seemed pointless to even go there unless we were going to do something to make these songs our own. ... We had to find an emotional connection. It's a testament to the songs themselves that they keep getting redone, but that makes it tricky, too. We played around a lot with different tempos and feels, pushed the songs in different directions."


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