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OHO-ECCE OHO!, CD, 1998 (RECORDED: 1974-75), USA

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Following Jim's post of this Baltimore outfit's truly batty and Zappa damaged basement prog debut Okinawa (and preceding my soon-to-come post of the expanded 4x 10" boxset reissue of that album), here's a briefly issued odds-n-sods archival collection released on the same label as said box i.e. Little Wing Of Refugees. Musically, Ecce Oho! lands somewhere between British proggers Morgan circa Nova Solis and The Hampton Grease Band, though it's neither as pomp bombastic as the former nor as eccentrically advanced as the latter and neither, to be honest, is it close to being as formidable a beast as either Okinawa or its follow up, Vitamin Oho (featured on the Orion Awakes blog alongside the single album version of Okinawa which is confusingly presented with a picture of the boxset re-edition). Ecce Oho! does however have a handful of highly choice cuts that are well worth rolling around on your cilia, particularly the Magic Band meets Grease Band brain scramble of "Her(e) Comes The Oyster" and the well fried "Cragwheel", a ripsnorting down 'n' dirty live take on "The Continuing Story Of Cragwheel The Corpse" from Okinawa.

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