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DANY MIX Compilation Vol. 02

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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DANY MIX COMPILATION Vol. 02 (CD MIX Version) 78:07
DANY MIX COMPILATION Vol. 02 (Radio Version) 25:48


DANY MIX COMPILATION Vol. 02 (Disco Session club Mix) 01:40:47



DANY MIX COMPILATION Vol. 02 (Radio Version) 25:48

Track List:

03.- SANDRA Hiroshima (Extended Version)
04.- MILLI VANILLI Girl You Know It's True (Album Version)
05.- ROBIN GIBB Kathy´s Gone.
06.- BAD BOYS BLUE Queen Of Hearts [Club Mix]
07.- FELLINI Passenger (Extended Version).
08.- BRIAN ICE Talking to the night.
09.- JACKY DEAN FOUNDATION Caravan of love.
10.- SILICON DREAM Time Machine (You Are The Mast).
11.- MIKO MISSION The world is you.
12.- SQUASH GANG I want an illusion (Remix)
13.- ROSS How Are You
14.- 50 & 50 BROTHERS Red Man
15.- MAX COVERI Run To The Sun.
16.- BLUE SYSTEM Magic Symphony (Power Mix).
17.- KYLIE MINOGUE Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (The Revolutionary Mix).
18.- BAD BOYS BLUE Jungle In My Heart [Extended Mix].
19.- KEN LASZLO Don´t cry (Remix).
20.- ERASURE Love To Hate You (Paul Dakeyne Remix ).
21.- SILICON DREAM & Projects Andromeda (Space-Shuttle-Mix)
22.- KYLIE MINOQUE Better the Devil You Know.
23.- KYLIE MINOGUE What do I have to do(pump mix).
24.- KYLIE MINOGUE Step back in time.
25.- BLUE SYSTEM Try the Impossible.
26.- BAD BOYS BLUE - How I Need You [Club Mix].
27.- BLUE SYSTEM Love Is Such A Lonely Sword (Maxi Version),
28.- BLUE SYSTEM She's A Lady (Maxi Version).
29.- DAVID LYME - Play boy.
30.- LIME Guilty.
32.- ROSS - Buscame (Spanish Version).
33.- ROSS - Coming Up (Vocal Version).
34.- SILICON DREAM Primaballerina (The Romantic-Age).
35.- GAZEBO - Sun Goes Down on Milky Way.
36.- ROSS-Chains of Love.
37.- DANDY - I´ll be there.
38.- KRB - Preludio.
39.- GAZEBO - Trotsky Burger (Remix).
40.- NORMAN - Lover Girl (12'' Version).
41.- KYLIE MINOGUE The Locomotion (Oz Tour Longer Ultrasound Remix).
42.- ROBIN GIBB - Juliet (Original Very Long Extended).
43.- CLIFF MATTHEWS With a Knife .
44.- ERASURE - Chorus
45.- THE TWINS - Love system
46.- JIGSAW-Skyhight
47.- KEN LASZLO Duet with JENNY-Whenever love.
48.- Dany Mix Compilation End.

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