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altBy Devon. Thank you very much.

1. If You Love Me
2. I'm Walking Behind You
3. It's the Talk of the Town
4. Things Go Wrong
5. Is There Any Room in Your Heart?
6. In All the World
7. When You Lose the One You Love
8. What is the Reason?
9. Dear to Me
10. Someone to Love
11. The Banana Boat Song
12. Precious Love
13. I'll Close My Eyes
14. A Tree in the Meadow
15. This is My Mother's Day
16. Danger Ahead! Beware
17. The Gypsy
18. I Still Believe
19. It's a Pity to Say Goodnight
20. I Saw the Look in Your Eyes (Bonus Track - from the 1956 Film Soundtrack 'Stars in Your Eyes')
21. Without You (Bonus Track - from the 1956 Film Soundtrack 'Stars in Your Eyes')
22. Come Home to My Arms (Bonus Track - from the 1956 Film Soundtrack 'Stars in Your Eyes')

Dorothy Squires (March 25, 1915 - April 14, 1998) was a Welsh vocalist. She was born Edna May Squires in Pontyberem, (about 12 miles from Llanelli), Carmarthenshire, in South Wales. Her parents were Archibald James Squires, a steelworker, and his wife Emily. She began to perform professionally as a singer at the age of 16.
She did most of her work with the orchestra of Billy Reid who was her partner for many years. After she joined his orchestra, he began to write songs for her to perform. In the immediate post-war years she recorded the original version of Reid's composition, "A Tree in the Meadow," best known in the United States in its recording by Margaret Whiting, which reached No.1 on the US charts. Similarly, her version of Reid's composition, "I'm Walking Behind You" was covered by Eddie Fisher which became a No.1 hit in the US and her recording of "The Gypsy" became a No.1 hit there after being waxed by The Ink Spots - their biggest hit. (It was also a major hit for Dinah Shore.)
After her relationship with Reid ended she married British actor Roger Moore (007) in 1953 in New Jersey. Moore was twelve years her junior. The marriage lasted until 1961, when Moore left her and moved in with Luisa Mattioli, whom he was unable to marry legally until Squires granted him a divorce in 1969.
By 1982 she had been banned from the High Court, and had spent much of her fortune on legal fees. In 1988 she lost her home following bankruptcy proceedings. Squires retired to Wales and died of lung cancer in Llwynpia Hospital, Rhondda.


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