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Marco Taggiasco - This Moment (2008, CD)

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Label - Mr. T Records

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Artist - Marco Taggiasco
Album - This Moment
Year - 2008
Format - AOR, Soft Rock
Country - Italy
Code - OD-K-56117

1 Another Waste Of Time
2 This Moment
3 Radio Silence
4 Let My Love Grow
5 Can´t Bring Back Yesterday
6 April In My Heart
7 You´ve Been Runnin´
8 From A Distance
9 Before The End Of Time

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Executive Producer – Mauro Ronconi
Musician – Andrea Sanchini, Ann Marie Bush, David Pack, Eric Tagg, Gabrielle Pistilli
Producer, Arranged By, Musician – Marco Taggiasco

Adult contemporary music artist from Italy…

Marco Taggiasco, born in Italy began to play the organ at the age of 16 and he teach himself the harmony and music theory and with this he start in the late 70s and 80s to gig a lot around his hometown Rome and performed at many local music festivals and contest.

In 1982 he formed his first fulltime fusion band with full line-up featuring sessions players from the jazz world and together with his brother he wrote most of the material. With this band Marco Taggiasco played until 1987 were the band retired.

Then in 1991 he teamed up with songwriter Jacopo Benco to re-arrange and produce most of his repertoire and also join his band “Grooveland” as music director. Also during the 90s Marco Taggiasco focused on studio works with producing and arranging for different singers, and beside that write music for theatre productions and movies.

At the end of the 90s Marco Taggiasco decided to released the promo EP “Three Love Ballads”, containing 3 songs written and produced in a classical adult contemporary style. With this his intention was to let publishers know about the songs and his song writing. This EP CD can still be ordered thru the artist’s website.

In 2000 he met Andrea Sanchini, a young male vocalist and they decided to collaborate and eventually to make a record. So they started working on “Thousand Things”, a project born to see if there’s still an interest in adult contemporary music, beyond the big names and the historical records they have left along their careers.

The CD features 7 songs written by Taggiasco and Sanchini, with Marco Taggiasco as arranger and producer. It earned compliments from music giants such as Eumir Deodato as well as from adult contemporary artists like singer/songwriter Eric Tagg.

No doubt that you can hear the inspiration from artists like: David Foster, Michael McDonald, Bobby Caldwell, Bill Cantos etc. on the “Thousand Things” album, and it is great that an artists like Marco Taggiasco shows that musicians from Europe still dig into the west coast music.

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