Various - Troubadours: Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 1-4 (12 CDs)

Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 1 (3-CD) CD 1
1: I Never Will Marry The Carter Family
2: Little Darling, Pal Of Mine The Carter Family
3: Wildwood Flower The Carter Family
4: The Midnight Special Lead Belly
5: Western Plain (When I Was A Cowboy) Lead Belly
6: Rock Island Line Lead Belly
7: The Horse Named Bill Carl Sandburg
8: Weave Room Blues The Dixon Brothers
9: Joe Hill Earl Robinson
10: The House I Live In Earl Robinson
11: The Frozen Logger Earl Robinson
12: One Meat Ball Josh White
13: The Wayfaring Stranger Burl Ives
14: Do Re Mi Woody Guthrie
15: I Ain't Got No Home Woody Guthrie
16: Pretty Boy Floyd Woody Guthrie
17: Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It's Been Good To Know You) Woody Guthrie
18: Babe O'mine Woody Guthrie
19: Grand Coulee Dam Woody Guthrie
20: Ramblin' Round Woody Guthrie
21: Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie
22: This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie
23: Philadelphia Lawyer Guthrie, Woody & Houston, Cisco
24: I've Got To Know Woody Guthrie
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 1 (3-CD) CD 2
1: Hard, Ain't It Hard The Almanac Singers
2: Which Side Are You On The Almanac Singers
3: Union Maid The Almanac Singers
4: Union Train The Almanac Singers
5: Sinking Of The Reuben James The Almanac Singers
6: UAW-CIO The Union Boys
7: A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore The Union Boys
8: Solidarity Forever The Union Boys
9: Old Man Atom (Talking Atomic Blues) Sam Hinton
10: Passing Through Dick Blakeslee
11: Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People Vern Partlow
12: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues Pete Seeger
13: The Death Of Harry Simms Pete Seeger
14: No Irish Need Apply Pete Seeger
15: Darling Corey Pete Seeger
16: The Cry Of The Wild Goose Terry Gilkyson
17: Sixteen Tons Merle Travis
18: Dark As A Dungeon Merle Travis
19: Wasn't That A Time The Weavers
20: Banks Of Marble The Weavers
21: The Hammer Song The Weavers
22: Good-Night Irene The Weavers
23: So Long, It's Been Good To Know You The Weavers
24: Die Gedanken Sind Frei Duncan & Lieberman & Sanders & Smith
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 1 (3-CD) CD 3
1: 900 Miles Cisco Houston
2: Diamond Joe Cisco Houston
3: Great American Bum Cisco Houston
4: Jubilee Jean Ritchie
5: Dear Companion Jean Ritchie
6: Bootlegger's Song Oscar Brand
7: Around Her Neck Oscar Brand
8: Paper Of Pins Brand, Oscar & Ritchie, Jean
9: Go Way From My Window Cynthia Gooding
10: John Brown's Body Ed Mccurdy
11: Raspberries, Strawberries (Ah Les Fraises Et Les Frambous) Will Holt
12: The MTA Will Holt
13: Delia Bob Gibson
14: Abilene Bob Gibson
15: Gotta Travel On Paul Clayton
16: Who'll Gonna Buy You Ribbons When I'm Gone Paul Clayton
17: Pay Day At Coal Creek Paul Clayton
18: The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud The Gateway Singers
19: Come To The Dance The Gateway Singers
20: Marianne The Easy Riders
21: Strolling Blues The Easy Riders
22: Green Fields The Easy Riders
23: Kari Waits For Me The Easy Riders
24: Cindy Oh Cindy Martin, Vince & Tarriers, The
25: The Banana Boat Song The Tarriers
26: Those Brown Eyes The Tarriers

Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 2 (3-CD) CD 1
1: Tom Dooley Kingston Trio
2: Scotch And Soda Kingston Trio
3: The MTA Kingston Trio
4: A Worried Man Kingston Trio
5: The New Frontier Kingston Trio
6: Run The Ridges Kingston Trio
7: If You Don't Look Around Kingston Trio
8: Soft Blow The Summer Winds Journeymen
9: Hush Now Sally Journeymen
10: Ride, Ride, Ride Journeymen
11: Someone To Talk My Troubles To Journeymen
12: A Dollar Down Limeliters
13: Those Were The Days Limeliters
14: Adios Mi Corazon (Spanish Is The Loving Tongue) Limeliters
15: Dubarry Done Gone Again Chad Mitchell Trio
16: The Marvelous Toy Chad Mitchell Trio
17: One Man's Hands Chad Mitchell Trio
18: That's The Way It's Gonna Be Chad Mitchell Trio
19: Leaving On A Jet Plane Chad Mitchell Trio
20: South Wind Bud & Travis
21: Cloudy Summer Afternoon Bud & Travis
22: Michael Highwaymen
23: Cotton Fields Highwaymen
24: Walk Right In Rooftop Singers
25: Tom Cat Rooftop Singers
26: Green Green New Christy Minstrels
27: Today New Christy Minstrels
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 2 (3-CD) CD 2
1: Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan
2: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Bob Dylan
3: Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan
4: Masters Of War Bob Dylan
5: The Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan
6: Mr Tambourine Man Bob Dylan
7: There But For Fortune Phil Ochs
8: Power And The Glory Phil Ochs
9: I Ain't Marching Anymore Phil Ochs
10: Draft Dodger Rag Phil Ochs
11: Changes Phil Ochs
12: When I'm Gone Phil Ochs
13: Ramblin' Boy Tom Paxton
14: I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound Tom Paxton
15: The Last Thing On My Mind Tom Paxton
16: What Did You Learn In School Today? Tom Paxton
17: Ain't That News Tom Paxton
18: Bottle Of Wine Tom Paxton
19: Dusty Box Car Wall Eric Andersen
20: Violets Of Dawn Eric Andersen
21: Close The Door Lightly When You Go Eric Andersen
22: Thirsty Boots Eric Andersen
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 2 (3-CD) CD 3
1: Seven Daffodils Tarriers
2: Cocaine Blues Dave Van Ronk
3: Come Back Baby Dave Van Ronk
4: Bad Dream Blues Dave Van Ronk
5: Anathea Judy Collins
6: Hey Nellie Nellie Judy Collins
7: Carry It On Judy Collins
8: The Ballad Of Ira Hayes Peter Lafarge
9: As Long As The Grass Shall Grow Peter Lafarge
10: Stewball Greenbriar Boys
11: Different Drum Greenbriar Boys
12: Many A Mile Patrick Sky
13: Reason To Believe Tim Hardin
14: If I Were A Carpenter Tim Hardin
15: The Lady Came From Baltimore Tim Hardin
16: The Other Side Of Life Fred Neil
17: Blues On The Ceiling Fred Neil
18: Little Bit Of Rain Fred Neil
19: The Dolphins Fred Neil
20: Everybody's Talkin' Fred Neil
21: Grand Hotel David Blue

Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 3 (3-CD) CD 1
1: Oh, Had I A Golden Thread Pete Seeger
2: Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Pete Seeger
3: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Pete Seeger
4: The Bells Of Rhymney Pete Seeger
5: Turn! Turn! Turn! Pete Seeger
6: Song Of The Punch Press Operator Pete Seeger
7: Waist Deep In The Big Muddy Pete Seeger
8: From Way Up Here Pete Seeger
9: The Clearwater Pete Seeger
10: Last Train To Nuremberg Pete Seeger
11: Hobo's Lullaby Pete Seeger
12: What Have They Done To The Rain? Joan Baez
13: We Shall Overcome Joan Baez
14: Farewell, Angelina Joan Baez
15: Daddy, You've Been On My Mind Joan Baez
16: Legend Of A Girl Child Linda Baez, Joan & Fariña, M & Collins, J
17: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Joan Baez
18: Diamonds And Rust Joan Baez
19: Now That The Buffalo's Gone
20: Cod'ine
21: The Universal Soldier
22: Until It's Time For You To Go
23: The Piney Wood Hills
24: My Country 'tis Of Thy People You're Dying
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 3 (3-CD) CD 2
1: On The Road Again Tom Rush
2: No Regrets Tom Rush
3: Merrimack County Tom Rush
4: Joshua Gone Barbados Eric Von Schmidt
5: Light Rain Eric Von Schmidt
6: Won't You Tell Me Mitch Greenhill
7: Highway 301 Blues Mitch Greenhill
8: One Morning In May Keith, Bill & Rooney, Jim
9: Kentucky Moonshiner Keith, Bill & Rooney, Jim
10: Three Songs / A Look At The Ragtime Era (Sister Kate's Night Out) Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
11: Ginger Man Geoff Muldaur
12: Minglewood The Jim Kweskin Jug Band
13: Garden Of Joy The Jim Kweskin Jug Band
14: Midnight At The Oasis Maria Muldaur
15: South Coast Jack Elliott
16: San Francisco Bay Blues Jack Elliott
17: Coming In To Los Angeles Arlo Guthrie
18: Percy's Song Arlo Guthrie
19: Alice's Restaurant Arlo Guthrie
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 3 (3-CD) CD 3
1: Daydream The Lovin' Spoonful
2: Younger Girl The Lovin' Spoonful
3: Darlin' Companion The Lovin' Spoonful
4: Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down) Tim Rose
5: Louise Paul Siebel
6: Any Day Woman Paul Siebel
7: Sunshine Jonathan Edwards
8: Shanty Jonathan Edwards
9: You Don't Mess Around With Jim Jim Croce
10: Time In A Bottle Jim Croce
11: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce
12: Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) Jim Croce
13: I Got A Name Jim Croce
14: The Holdup David Bromberg
15: Danger Man David Bromberg
16: Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) Melanie
17: What Have They Done To My Song, Ma Melanie
18: A Brand New Key Melanie
19: Taxi Harry Chapin
20: Cat's In The Cradle Harry Chapin

Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 4 (3-CD) CD 1
1: Love's Been Good To Me Rod Mckuen
2: Seasons In The Sun Rod Mckuen
3: Long Time Gone Mason Williams
4: The Times I've Had Mark Spoelstra
5: She's Gone Mark Spoelstra
6: Five And Twenty Questions Mark Spoelstra
7: If I Were Free Dian James
8: He Was A Friend Of Mine Dian James
9: Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds
10: Pack Up Your Sorrows (Acoustic Version) Richard Fariña & Mimi
11: The Falcon Richard Fariña & Mimi
12: Birmingham Sunday Richard Fariña & Mimi
13: Bold Marauder Richard Fariña & Mimi
14: A Swallow Song Richard Fariña & Mimi
15: Hickory Wind Byrds
16: Tried So Hard Gene Clark
17: Train Leaves Here This Morning Dillard And Clark Expedition
18: Once I Was Tim Buckley
19: July, You're A Woman John Stewart
20: California Bloodlines John Stewart
21: One (Is A Lonely Number) Harry Nilsson
22: Rainmaker Harry Nilsson
23: Joanne Michael Nesmith
24: Calico Girl Friend Michael Nesmith
25: Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver
26: Rocky Mountain High John Denver
27: Back Home Again John Denver
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 4 (3-CD) CD 2
1: The Battle Of New Orleans Jimmie Driftwood
2: Tennessee Stud Jimmie Driftwood
3: What Color Is The Soul Of A Man Jimmie Driftwood
4: Rain And Snow Obray Ramsey
5: 500 Miles Hedy West
6: Cotton Mill Girls Hedy West
7: The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore Jean Ritchie
8: Blue Diamond Mines Jean Ritchie
9: Black Waters Jean Ritchie
10: Coal Tattoo Billy Edd Wheeler
11: Blistered Billy Edd Wheeler
12: Jackson Billy Edd Wheeler
13: High Flying Bird Billy Edd Wheeler
14: Gentle On My Mind John Hartford
15: Natural To Be Gone John Hartford
16: California Earthquake John Hartford
17: Steamboat Whistle Blues John Hartford
18: How I Love Them Old Songs Mickey Newbury
19: Sweet Memories Mickey Newbury
20: Mr Bojangles Jerry Jeff Walker
21: Pancho And Lefty Townes Van Zandt
22: Seven Bridges Road Steve Young
23: Brand New Tennessee Waltz Jesse Winchester
24: Yankee Lady Jesse Winchester
25: Me And Bobby Mcgee Kris Kristofferson
26: Help Me Make It Through The Night Kris Kristofferson
27: Casey's Last Ride Kris Kristofferson
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music Vol. 4 (3-CD) CD 3
1: Settle Down Mike Settle
2: Sing Hallelujah Mike Settle
3: Greenback Dollar Hoyt Axton
4: Thunder 'n' Lightnin' Hoyt Axton
5: Blues Around My Head Bob Gibson
6: Where I'm Bound Bob Gibson
7: Daddy Roll 'em Gibson, Bob & Camp, Hamilton (Bob)
8: Good Time Charlie Spider John Koerner
9: The Unicorn Shel Silverstein
10: Bury Me In My Shades Shel Silverstein
11: Sam Stone John Prine
12: Angel From Montgomery John Prine
13: Paradise John Prine
14: Souvenirs John Prine
15: City Of New Orleans Steve Goodman
16: Four Strong Winds Ian & Sylvia
17: You Were On My Mind Ian & Sylvia
18: Some Day Soon Ian & Sylvia
19: Summer Wages Ian & Sylvia
20: For Loving Me Gordon Lightfoot
21: Early Morning Rain Gordon Lightfoot
22: Did She Mention My Name? Gordon Lightfoot
23: Morning Dew Bonnie Dobson
24: Snowbird Maclellan, Gene & Doucette, Blair
25: Put Your Hand In The Hand Gene Maclellan
26: Both Sides Now Joni Mitchell

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