Love - Forever Changes (Vinyl, LP) 1967

Love ‎– Forever Changes
Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock
First pressings info: It is to find a copy that plays without excessive surface noise. This is not necessarily because the vinyl is of poor quality, but because the recording itself had to be mastered very softly (due to its length, dynamic range and stereo separation.)
Elektra had this title pressed in 1967 by three different plants: Allentown (AL), Columbia, Terre Haute (CTH) and Monarch (MON). Each plant was sent a different master lacquer to cut from (rather than a copy of the mastertape which was more common in those days), thus ensuring that all pressings had similar high sound quality. Although these three cuttings are almost identical, there is a distinction between pressings when it comes to vinyl quality: Allentown & Columbia copies are usually quieter than the ones from Monarch because they used a higher quality vinyl mixture which is especially preferable when it comes to this album.
Alone Again Or 3:15
A House Is Not A Motel 3:25
Andmoreagain 3:15
The Daily Planet 3:25
Old Man 2:57
The Red Telephone 4:45
Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale 3:30
Live And Let Live 5:24
The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This 3:00
Bummer In The Summer 2:20
You Set The Scene 6:49

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