Paul Overstreet - Discography 1989-2009 (6 albums)

Paul Overstreet
Real Name:
Paul Lester Overstreet
American singer songwriter and guitarist born March 17, 1955 in Newton, Mississippi. Father of Chord Overstreet and Nash Overstreet.
In Groups:
Schuyler, Knobloch & Overstreet

1989 - Sowin' Love (38:20) (320 kbps)

01."Love Helps Those" (Paul Overstreet)
02."All the Fun" (Overstreet, Taylor Dunn)
03."Call the Preacher" (Overstreet)
04."Richest Man on Earth" (Overstreet, Don Schlitz)
05."Sowin' Love" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
06."Love Never Sleeps" (Overstreet)
07."Dig Another Well" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
08."Seein' My Father in Me" (Overstreet, Dunn)
09."What God Has Joined Together" (Overstreet, Paul Davis)
10."Homemaker" (Overstreet, Eugene D. Tyler)
11."Neath the Light of Your Love" (Ovrestreet, Schlitz)

1991 - Heroes (39:34) (192 kbps)

01"Ball and Chain" (Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz)
02."If I Could Bottle This Up" (Overstreet, Dean Dillon)
03."Daddy's Come Around" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
04."Love Lives On" (Overstreet, Taylor Dunn)
05."Heroes" (Overstreet, Claire Cloninger)
06."I'm So Glad I was Dreaming" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
07."Straight and Narrow" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
08."Billy Can't Read" (Overstreet, Jerry Michael)
09."She Supports Her Man" (Overstreet)
10."Til the Mountains Disappear" (Overstreet, Schlitz)
11."The Calm at the Center of My Storm" (Overstreet, Schlitz)

1992 - Love Is Strong (38:25) (320 kbps)

01."Take Another Run" (Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz)
02."Still Out There Swinging" (Overstreet)
03."Me and My Baby" (Overstreet, Paul Davis)
04."There But for the Grace of God Go I" (Overstreet, Taylor Dunn)
05."Love is Strong" (Overstreet, Archie Jordan)
06."Head Over Heels" (Overstreet, Davis)
07."What's Going Without Saying" (Overstreet, Jeff Borders)
08."Take Some Action" (Overstreet, Tom Campbell)
09."Lord She Sure is Good at Loving Me" (Overstreet, Randy Travis)
10.'Till the Answer Comes (Gotta Keep Praying)" (Overstreet, Fred Carpenter, Billy Prince)

1994 - The Best Of Paul Overstreet (37:44) [(VBR 128-224 kbps)

01.Sowin' Love
02.All The Fun
03.Seein' My Father In Me
04.Richest Man On Earth
05.Daddy's Come Around
07.Ball And Chain
08.If I Could Bottle This Up
09.Billy Can't Read
10.Take Another Run

2009 - Time (35:37) (320 kbps)

01.We've Got to Keep On Meeting Like This
02.I'm Gonna Ring Her
03.Even When It Don't Feel Like It
04.Let's Go to Bed Early
05.You Gave Me Time
06.I Always Will
07.One In a Million
08.Blackberry Cobbler
09.Mr. Miller
10.My Rock

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