Kinfolk - Kinfolk (Vinyl LP) 1972

Florida’s Kinfolk began with a humdinger folk-rock custom sporting a joyous yet underground kind of sound thick on the drums with some garagy electric guitar. With Robbie Trice and Fred Emery on guitars and vocals, Martha Trice on vocals, Rodney Lancaster on bass and violin, and David Brown on drums, they play in the spirit of the early Maranatha bands – a time when creativity and excitement were high and budgets were low. ‘Endless Age’, ‘Alpha And Omega’ and ‘Jesus gonna Work It Out’ are perfect examples of that ’70s rural Jesus folk-rock sound, acoustic in focus but with heavy rhythm section. ‘Holy Spirit Song’ and ‘Right On Brother’ both get enlivened with basement electric riffs, while ‘It Takes Faith’ adds texture through use of volume pedal. The violin adds a nice touch to the acoustic ballads ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Everytime’.

1-1 Make The Most Of Livin’ 2:54
1-2 Endless Age 4:32
1-3 Holy Spirit Song 3:27
1-4 It Takes Faith 3:17
1-5 Amazing Grace 1:25
2-1 Alpha And Omega 3:12
2-2 Right On Brother 3:34
2-3 Healer Of My Soul 2:39
2-4 Jesus Gonna Work It Out 3:41
2-5 Everytime 6:12

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