Nev Nicholls - Super Trucker (CD) 1999

Nev Nicholls - Super Trucker (CD) 1999
01 Supertrucker
02 Johnny Overload
03 Macks Cafe
04 Hot Wheels
05 Who Needs A Wife
06 Backing to Bendigo
07 A Good Love Is Like a Good Song
08 Buy Me A Beer
09 Rigs And Roads
10 Ballad of Billy Wheeler
11 Truckin around
12 DJ Howdown John
13 My Truckin' Life
14 The Power Of Positive Drinking
15 That's Just My Truckin' Luck
16 Roads
17 Hello Darlin
18 Make A Mile
19 That's The Way It Goes
20 My Truckin' Oath

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