Mario Millo - A Fortunate Life (1986)

Mario Millo - A Fortunate Life (1986)
Track listing

A1 A Fortunate Life 3:25
A2 Wheatfields 2:21
A3 Bert Goes Shopping 2:22
A4 Gym Workout 1:11
A5 Boar Attack 3:23
A6 Lost in the Desert 1:30
A7 Moving the Horses 2:12
A8 The Sea & the Bush 2:10
A9 Roy Killed at Gallipoli 1:50
A10 Mother & Son 1:55
B1 Main Theme 1:48
B2 Merry Widow Waltz 2:45
B3 The Adoption 2:22
B4 Leaving Again 1:14
B5 Pig Chase 1:50
B6 Walking in the Park 2:50
B7 Evelyn 1:45
B8 Life Could End 4:00
B9 Closing Title 4:00
B10 Departing 1:30

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