Peter o Mara Trio - Kuranda, 1991

Peter o Mara Trio - Kuranda, 1991
Engineered and mixed by Jim Bonyfont
Recorded Feburary 14, 1991 at Rich Studios, Sydney, Australia
Cover by Knut Schötteldreier
CREDITS (musicians) :
Peter O'Mara : guitar
Henning Sieverts : bass
Tony Lush : drums
Mike Nock : piano
TRACKS (total time 47:27) :
1. Stay Or Go (6:24) [Henning Sieverts]
2. Terrible Ooze (6:51) [Peter O'Mara]
3. Jack-Knife (8:54) [Peter O'Mara]
4. Quiet (4:34) [Henning Sieverts]
5. Walls Fall (7:48) [Peter O'Mara]
6. Kuranda (5:00) [Peter O'Mara]
7. Completion (7:27) [Mike Npck]

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