ZBS Foundation - Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 2

ZBS Foundation - Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 2
Jack, Mojo and Claudine once again fire up that old Victorian slide projector with its holographic images made of shadows, light and swirling steam. Their adventure begins with a photo of a zeppelin called, The Illuminato. The zeppelin is owned by Contessa Entellina Illuminato and is piloted by an eccentric German, Captain Henrich von Baumbaum. When a storm throws the zeppelin off course, they find themselves among an archipelago of islands floating in the sky. When the zeppelin stops to repair damages inflicted by the storm, our adventurers are lowered in a wicker basket down through the jungle canopy. As night falls, fireflies the size of humming birds come out to play. At first the island appears quite magical. But during the night, vines creep across the mooring lines and begin to wrap around the zeppelin. The jungle has its own agenda. 2 hours.

2001 - 12 songs

Can't I Say, "No?"
The Zepplin, The Illuminato
We Want to Run With It!
Tales of Floating Cities
I Love the Rain
Woo, Nice & Bright
Now That, I'll Believe
A Big of a Zigzag
Miss Lightning Bug
How's Things Up There?
Meanwhile, Back in Inverness
Lady Windermere (Preview)

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