Mylon LeFevre - Discography (1970-2007) 12 Albums

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Mylon LeFevre
1960s - Mylon was part of his family's Christian singing group known as The LeFevres.
1970s - Mylon LeFevre (also known as Mylon) was a pop and rock artist.
1980s to mid-1990s - Mylon formed the Christian rock group of Mylon & Broken Heart and they played together until the mid 1990s.
Mid-1990s to present - Mylon has been focusing on softer music with a strong ministry focus.
Mylon is the father of Summer Furler and father-in-law of Peter Furler.
In Groups:Mylon & Broken Heart, The Cause (3), The LeFevres, The Stamps Quartet
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LaFevre, Le Fevre, LeFevre, M. LeFevre, M. R. LeFevre, Mylon, Mylon La Fevre, Mylon Le Fevre, Mylon LeFever, Mylon LeFevre, Mylon R. Le Fevre, Mylon R. LeFavre, Mylon R. LeFevre, Mylou Le Fevre, Myron LeFevre

12 Rare Albums

mylon lefevre - 2007 - the definitive collection
mylon lefevre - 1992 - big world
mylon lefevre - 1991 - crank it up
mylon lefevre - 1988 - greatest hits
mylon lefevre - 1987 - crack the sky
mylon lefevre - 1985 - sheep in wolves clothing
mylon lefevre - 1983 - more
mylon lefevre - 1982 - brand new start
mylon lefevre - 1972 - over the influence
mylon lefevre - 1970 - mylon
mylon lefevre - 1977 - weak at the knees
mylon lefevre - 1973 - on the road to freedom - with alvin lee

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