The Kinks - 1987-03-08 - Chicago, IL (FM)

The Kinks
The Riviera Club
Chicago, IL
WXRT-FM Broadcast
320 Kbps
Artwork Included

CD 1:
01. Intro > Do It Again
02. The Hard Way
03. Low Budget
04. Come Dancing
05. Working At The Factory
06. Lost And Found
07. Welcome To Sleazy Town
08. Think Visual
09. The Video Shop

01. Living On A Thin Line
02. Guilty
03. Misfits
04. Lola
05. State Of Confusion
06. A Gallon Of Gas
07. All Day And All Of The Night
08. I Gotta Move
09. Celluloid Heroes
10. Twentieth Century Man
11. You Really Got Me
12. Till The End Of The Day

As the decade of the 1980s neared its end, The Kinks also were also nearing the end of their time as a commercial force in rock.  Their 1986 album, Think Visual, peaked at #81 on the Billboard charts. Their 1987 live album The Road, couldn't crack the top 100, peaking at #110.  This FM broadcast captures the band on tour in between the release of those 2 discs, on March 8, 1987, 29 years ago today, in Chicago. Note: artwork has incorrect date.

The Kinks - 1987-03-08 - Chicago, IL (FM)
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