Grateful Dead - 1985-03-09 - Berkeley, CA (SBD)

Grateful Dead 
Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA
Soundboard Recording
320 kbps
Artwork Included

1st set:
01. Bertha >
02. One More Saturday Night >
03. Sugaree
04. It's All Over Now
05. Row Jimmy
06. Let It Grow

2nd Set:
01. China Cat Sunflower >
02. Cumberland Blues >
03. I Need a Miracle >
04. Eyes of the World >
05. Drums >
06. Space >
07. The Other One >
08. The Wheel >
09. Sugar Magnolia

01. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Grateful Dead - 1985-03-09 - Berkeley, CA (SBD) 

In 1985, the Grateful Dead celebrated the band's 20th anniversary. Deadheads tend to passionately debate the quality of the music that year. Some feel that the band, inspired by their milestone anniversary, played their best shows of the 80s. Others don't believe the music was much different from the prior years, and certainly not up to the standard of 1989. I tend to lean in the direction that 1985 provided many inspired moments especially during the Spring run, though it’s clear that by year end, Jerry was mired deep in a cloud of drugs which would eventually contribute his near death coma in 1986. This soundboard, from March 9, 1985, 31 years ago today, at the Berkeley Community Theatre, is emblematic of the band’s new found creativity that year, For example, the first set opens with the unique pairing of Bertha into One More Saturday Night. Likewise, Set 2 opens with China Cat Sunflower, which would normally be followed by I Know You Rider, but in this case, is paired with Cumberland Blues.  By the way, if you like what you hear from this 1985 show,  we'll have another one for you in just 4 days!

Grateful Dead - 1985-03-09 - Berkeley, CA (SBD)
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