The Alarm - 1988-03-17 - San Jose, CA (FM)

The Alarm
The Cabaret
San Jose, CA
FM Broadcast
256 Kbps
Artwork Included

01. Intro
02. Newton Jericho
03. Knifedge
04. Howling Wind
05. Permanence In Change
06. Presence Of Love
07. Absolute Reality
08. Blaze Of Glory
09. Bound For Glory
10. One Step Closer To Home
11. Strength
12. Rain In The Summertime
13. Rescue Me
14. Spirit Of 76
15. Declaration-Marching On
16. The Stand
17. 68 Guns

When they released of their self titled debut album in July 1983, and served as the lead in for U2 that same summer, The Alarm were quickly heralded as perhaps the next "big thing".  The similarities in their style to that io U2 brought on the inevitable comparisons, which may have been simply unfair to a band just starting out.  In any event, The Alarm never quite reached the heights U2 diud, but they most certainly produced some fine tunes, including The Stand, 68 Guns and Rain In The Summertime (my favorite), just to name a few.  This FM broadcast captures The Alarm on tour 5 years after their debut, on March 17 1988, 28 yeas ago today

The Alarm - 1988-03-17 - San Jose, CA (FM)
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