The Police - 1982-03-20 - Houston, TX (SBD)

The Police
The Summit
Houston, TX
Soundboard Recording
320 kbps
Artwork Included

01. Spirits In The Material World
02. Hungry For You
03. When The World Is Running Down
04. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
05. Demolition Man
06. Shadows In The Rain
07. Walking On The Moon
08. Bring On The Night
09. One World (Not Three)
10. Invisible Sun
11. Roxanne
12. Don't Stand So Close To Me
13. Can't Stand Losing You
14. So Lonely

In January 22, 1982, I saw The Police  at Madison Square Garden in New York. The Police were touring with the Go Go's, and the tour was historic in a number of ways ways. Until this point, the newer bands on the rock scene were still playing small concert halls in NY/NJ, such as the Palladium (where I saw the Pretenders and Go Go's in the fall of 1981) and the Capitol Theatre (where I had seen Joe Jackson in 1980 and would soon see him again in just a few months). Here were the Police, however, making the jump to the next level by headlining a show at the "World's Greatest Arena". The Ghost In The Machine album, which had been released in October 1981, had risen to #2 on the Billboard charts. The single, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, topped that, by going to #1. The Police proved that night that they belonged on the big stage, playing an incredible set highlighted by a 20,000 person sing-along to Walking On The Moon, and a driving, passionate, almost out of control encore that melded Can't Stand Losing You, Be My Girl and So Lonely into a rock and roll anthem of lost love. I've searched for a copy of that show but to no avail. Fortunately, I found this soundboard recording from later in that historic tour that captures the Police in Houston on March 20, 1982, 34 years ago today.

The Police - 1982-03-20 - Houston, TX (SBD)
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