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Restorer - Fall Off The World [2015] RO

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Genre - Rock

Music Style: : Melodic Hard Rock

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Artist - Restorer
Year - 2015
Format -
Country - RO
Code - OD-K-36718

Country Romania
Style Melodic Hard Rock
Band Members Florian Opre Zazula – Lead/backing vocals, Fotzey – Guitar,backing vocals, Ricco Kave – Drums, Dan Vaida – Bass
01. Heartbreaker,
02. Fall Off The World,
03. Break A Lie,
04. The Man I Am,
05. My Kind Of Crazy,
06. Closer To Goodbye,
07. My Own God, 08. Hard To Tame,
09. Can You, 10. Heaven And Hell

Profile This is Florian Opre Zazula & Fotzey’s melodic Hard rock project. All songs are written by RestoreR.The melodic hard rock band Restorer release this fall debut album “Fall Off The World” . Great album.If we were to talk about the Satu Mare’s heavy metal, “Crimson” was one of the most representative of this genre. With Florian as frontman, the band produced an EP in 2010, “A better day”. The biggest success of the band was participating in the biggest international rock festival held over the years in Satu Mare, “Samfest”, where Florian has shared the stage with well-known bands such as Evergrey, Communic, Agathodaimon, Trooper, Dirty Shirt, Legion, Negura Bunget etc. And the list could go with a large number of concerts in pubs or various rock festivals in Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Oradea, Arad, Cluj, Timisoara etc. – Florian is known because of participations on TV shows, “X Factor” and “The Voice”.

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