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Various - Northern Soul Fever, Volume One, Two, Three, Four (4X2CD)

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Genre - Funk Soul

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Label - Goldmine Soul Supply

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Artist - Various
Album -
Year - 1993-1997
Format -
Country -
Code - OD-K-33902

Various - Northern Soul Fever, Volume One, Two, Three, Four (4X2CD)

Various ‎– Northern Soul Fever, Volume One
Label:Goldmine Soul Supply ‎– GSCD27
Series:Northern Soul Fever – One
Format:2 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Funk / Soul
1 –Creation (11) I Got The Fever
2 –Eskew Reeder You Better Believe Me
3 –The Trips Love Can't Be Modernised
4 –The Volcanos (2) Take Me Back Again
5 –The Echoes (15) Why Wonder
6 –Eddie Daye Lean On Me
7 –The Majestees Take Back All These Things
8 –Paul Sindab Do What You Wanna Do
9 –Bobby Newton Don't Fight The Feeling
10 –George Kerr Airplane Song
11 –Embers* Just Crazy About You Baby
12 –Fathers Angels* Bok To Bach
13 –Vivian Carroll Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah
14 –Joan Baker Everybody's Talkin'
15 –Moses Dillard Pretty As A Picture
16 –The Dealers (7) You Got It
17 –The Ambassadors (4) Too Much Of A Good Thing
18 –Dave Charles Ain't Gonna Cry No More
19 –Misty Moore Little Things
20 –Mike* And Ray* If You Only Knew
21 –Sebastian Williams Hometown Boy
22 –Jimmy McFarland Lonely Lover
23 –The Volumes One Way Lover
24 –Donald Jenkins (2) Somebody Help Me
25 –Virginia Blakly Let Nobody Love You
26 –Chico Lamar What Do You Think
27 –Sunny And The Sunliners* If I Could See You Now
28 –Fabulous Peps* With These Eyes
29 –The Admirations I Want To Be Free
30 –The Showstoppers* What Can A Man Do
1 –Case Of Tyme* Manifesto
2 –The Puzzles My Sweet Baby
3 –Mae Young No Ifs, No Ands, No Buts
4 –Pamela Beaty Talking Eyes
5 –The Exits I Don't Want To Hear It
6 –Cortez Greer Very Strong On You
7 –Sunny Carrington The Girl Every Guy Should Know
8 –Jackey Beavers Bring Me All Of Your Heartaches
9 –Little Carl Carlton* Don't You Need A Boy Like Me
10 –Tojo (3) Broken Hearted Lover
11 –Eddie Hill (2) I Can Hear You Crying
12 –Toni & The Showmen Try My Love
13 –Linda Carr In My Life
14 –Billy Wells & The Invaders This Heart These Hands
15 –Duke And Leonard* Just Do The Best You Can
16 –Larry Atkins Ain't That Love Enough
17 –The Turks (6) The Bad Brought The Good
18 –Sherlock Holmes Standing At A Standstill
19 –Pat Clayton Someone Else's Turn
20 –The Friendly People I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues
21 –The Bronzettes Moments
22 –Jimmy Holland Sugar Baby
23 –Johnny Barnes Real Nice
24 –Bobby Jones (7) Beware A Stranger
25 –The Hearbreakers I've Got To Face It
26 –Chris Towns Unit Turn To Me
27 –Jimmy Holiday Shield All Round
28 –La'Shell & The Shelletts You Better Check Yourself
29 –Vince Apollo I Bear Witness
30 –John & The Weirdest* No Time

Various ‎– Northern Soul Fever Volume Two
Label:Goldmine Soul Supply ‎– GSCD43
Series:Northern Soul Fever – Two
Format:2 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Funk / Soul
1.1 –The Agents (3) Trouble
1.2 –The Cheques Deeper
1.3 –Melvin Carter Midnight Brew
1.4 –Vondells Hey Girl You've Changed
1.5 –Hot Cinnamon No One Loves You
1.6 –Vondors Look In The Mirror
1.7 –Master Four Love From The Far East
1.8 –Timothy Wilson I Must Love You
1.9 –Constellations* I Don't Know How To
1.10 –Frank Dell Baby You've Got It
1.11 –The Chandlers Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer
1.12 –Roy Nelson Elevator Man
1.13 –Robby Taylor (2) A Stop Along The Way
1.14 –Fred Paris* Dark At The Top Of My Heart
1.15 –Buckner Brothers Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
1.16 –Carl Carlton So What
1.17 –Tyrone Wonder Boy* If You Don't Need Me
1.18 –Sam & Kitty Your Money - My Love
1.19 –Mighty Lovers* Ain't Gonna Run No More
1.20 –Doni Burdick Open The Door To Your Heart
1.21 –New Wanderers* Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm
1.22 –Sebastian Williams Soul Power
1.23 –Dorothy Berry Lonely Lover
1.24 –The Charms (2) If You Got The Notion
1.25 –The Light Drivers Operator
1.26 –The Dynamites (2) Don't Leave Me This Way
1.27 –The New People I'm Losing You
1.28 –The Two Fellows Stop (Don't Give Up Your Loving)
1.29 –The Compliments Beware, Beware
1.30 –The Collection And The Civics I'll Be There
2.1 –Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers You Don't Need No Help Pt. 1
2.2 –The Hideaways Hide Out
2.3 –Henry Strogin Misery
2.4 –The Jades I'm Where It's At
2.5 –Renfro Orchestra A Case Of Love
2.6 –Audio Arts Strings Love Bound
2.7 –Fred Smith Orchestra Anyway You Want It (Instr.)
2.8 –Melvin Elling Lonely Eyes
2.9 –The Performers (2) I Can't Stop You
2.10 –The Promatics Sugar Pie Honey
2.11 –The Olympics The Bounce
2.12 –Bobby Mandolph Gotta Get You Back
2.13 –Vito & The Salutations I'd Best Be Going
2.14 –Marion Sodd Permanent Vacation
2.15 –Johnny Vanelli Seven Days Of Loving You
2.16 –Spyders I Can Take Care Of Myself
2.17 –Tyco Mills All That's Good
2.18 –The Passions (2) Too Many Memories
2.19 –Susan King (2) (Oh! Oh! Oh!) What A Love This Is
2.20 –James Bounty Actions Speak Louder Than Words
2.21 –Kelly St. Clair You Took My Heart
2.22 –The Soul-Jers Crazy Little Things
2.23 –The Splendors (2) Please Don't Go
2.24 –The Kittens Three I'm Coming Apart At The Seams
2.25 –Bonnyvettes Ordinary Girl
2.26 –The Babysitters (3) You'll Have To Wait
2.27 –Nicky C & The Chateaux Those Good Times
2.28 –Silky Hargreaves Keep Loving Me Like You Do (Instr.)
2.29 –The Rumblers Soulful Jerk
2.30 –Big Dons Rebellion It Was True

Various ‎– Northern Soul Fever Volume Three
Label:Goldmine Soul Supply ‎– GSCD 48
Series:Northern Soul Fever – Three
Format:2 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Funk / Soul
1-1 –The Olympics I'll Do A Little Bit More
1-2 –Pat & The Blenders (All I Need Is Your) Good Lovin
1-3 –Preston Peters Got To Have Peace Of Mind
1-4 –The Camotions Motown
1-5 –Edd Henry I Love Only You
1-6 –The Scott Brothers We Like Girls
1-7 –The Servicemen Connie
1-8 –Ollie Jackson Gotta Wipe Away The Teardrops
1-9 –J. J. Barnes Poor - Unfortunate - Me (I Aint Got Nobody)
1-10 –The Manhattans (2) What Should I Do
1-11 –Imperial Wonders Just A Dream
1-12 –Vernon Harrell Your Love
1-13 –Bobby Callender My Baby Changes Like The Weather
1-14 –The Tripps (2) Here Come Those Heartaches
1-15 –Delores Lynn The Big Search Is On
1-16 –Singing Sam (2) Move It Baby
1-17 –Dynamic Heartbeats It Aint No Secret
1-18 –The Traits* Some Day Some Way
1-19 –TKOS* The Charge
1-20 –Little David (4) I Want The Good Life
1-21 –Joyce Kennedy Misunderstood
1-22 –The Remarkables Easily Mislead
1-23 –The Furys* The Old Days
1-24 –Cody Black Going, Going, Gone
1-25 –Little Ben & The Cheers Im Gonna Get Even With You
1-26 –Taurus And Leo I Aint Playing Baby
2-1 –New Wanderers* Let Me Render My Service
2-2 –The Olympics We Go Together
2-3 –Rocky Roberts & The Airedales Just Because Of You
2-4 –The Fabulous Emotions Number One Fool
2-5 –Ty Karim You Really Made It Good
2-6 –The Prophets (3) My Kind Of Girl
2-7 –Leontine Dupree I'm Guilty
2-8 –The Enchantments I'm In Love With Your Daughter (Part 1)
2-9 –The Ascots (3) Miss Heartbreaker
2-10 –Little Walter Hammond We Go Together, Yes We Do
2-11 –Bobby Spencer I Just Want To Satisfy
2-12 –Jo Jo Petite Joey
2-13 –The Tempos (2) Sad, Sad Memories (Inst)
2-14 –The Moonlighters* Lonely Baby
2-15 –Wayne Anthony (2) Blow Me A Kiss
2-16 –George Tindley Ain't Gonna Worry About You
2-17 –The Wonderlettes How Soon
2-18 –Willie Walker Jerk It With Soul
2-19 –Jay Lyle How Good Can It Get
2-20 –Rufus Wonder Under The Moon
2-21 –LJ Reynolds The Penguin Break Down
2-22 –Janie Welsh Open Arms - Closed Heart
2-23 –Troy Keyes If I Had My Way
2-24 –Ace Jones Give Me Your Love
2-25 –The Founders (2) Don't Turn Your Back On Me
2-26 –Fred Parris Blushing Bride
2-27 –Disciples Of Soul That's The Way Love Goes
2-28 –The Inspirations (3) No One Else Can Take Your Place (Inst)

Various ‎– Northern Soul Fever 4
Label:Goldmine Soul Supply ‎– GSCD 74
Series:Northern Soul Fever – 4
Format:2 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Funk / Soul
1-1 –The Ellingtons (I'm Not) Destined To Become A Loser
1-2 –The Greater Experience Don't Forget To Remember
1-3 –Bobbie Jean Bland I'm Satisfied Just Loving You
1-4 –The Heartbreakers (10) I've Got To Face It
1-5 –Bernie Moore I Wanna Be Loved To Death
1-6 –James Bounty Auction On Love
1-7 –Rufus Wood Before 2001
1-8 –Cheryl Williams Everybody's Happy But Me
1-9 –Bee Gee Stans Front Page Love
1-10 –Roy Brown Good Sweet Loving
1-11 –Willy McDougall* Don't Turn Away
1-12 –Innovations* Stay On The Case
1-13 –Invictus (3) New Babe (Since I Found You)
1-14 –5 Of A Kind The Other Side
1-15 –The Superiors Darling I Love You
1-16 –Roy Robert I Know What To Do To Satisfy You
1-17 –Gene Woodbury That's Half Not Bad
1-18 –Ricardo King On A Hot Summer Day In The Big City
1-19 –Ronnie McNeir Sitting In My Class (Inst)
1-20 –Joey Dee And The New Starlighters How Can I Forget
1-21 –The Four Puzzles Especially For You Baby
1-22 –Tony Birchett Don't Put Out The Fire
1-23 –Eddie Wood Why Did You Call
1-24 –Joe Moore Nobody Loves Me
1-25 –Bobbie Brown I Gotta Have You
1-26 –The Flairs (3) You Got To Steal It
1-27 –Billy Prophet Puppet On A String
1-28 –Bobby Garrett I Can't Get Away (Inst)
1-29 –El Anthony We've Been In Love Too Long
1-30 –Victor Knight Chinatown
2-1 –Detroit Land Apples I Need Help
2-2 –Winfield Parker I Love You Just The Same
2-3 –Tina Florence Too Much For Me Baby
2-4 –Larry Allen Can't We Talk It Over
2-5 –Tootsie Rollers Give Me Love
2-6 –Ronnie Forte Nervous Breakdown
2-7 –Two Plus Two Love Will Conquer All
2-8 –Tobbie Bowe I Can Feel Him Slipping Away
2-9 –Marva Holiday It's Written All Over My Face
2-10 –Pat Powdrill & The Powerdrills Together Forever
2-11 –Fabulous Downbeats Life Goes On
2-12 –Body Motions* False Alarm
2-13 –The General Assembly* Sensitive Mind
2-14 –Lee Sain I Can't Fight It
2-15 –The First Grade Please Come Back
2-16 –The Tripps (2) Give It Back
2-17 –The Daniels (I Lost Love In The) Big City
2-18 –The Sheppards How Do You Like It
2-19 –Vince Apollo I Can't Turn My Back
2-20 –Gerry* & Paul* & The Soul Emmissaries Little Bit Of Soul
2-21 –Jeanie King You've Got A Good Thing Going
2-22 –The Spoilers Something About You
2-23 –The Spydels Peace Of Mind
2-24 –The Friendly People I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (Inst)
2-25 –Shirley Vaughn Watch Out Mr Lonely
2-26 –Viola Wills The First Time
2-27 –Sugar 'N' Spice (3) Lucky We
2-28 –Sugar & Sweet My Lover
2-29 –The Performers (2) Set Me Free
2-30 –Sonny Anderson (4) & Prince Conley Love And Laughter

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