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Nat King Cole "Stardust, The Complete Capitol Recordings 1955-1959, 11 cd's"

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Johnny says: "I'm not sure if you cats and kittens dig this box (plus the 2nd box that will also be posted today) but in my opinion Morrisjohnf did a fantastic job posting these.....Every disc was ripped at 320, front- and back-covers + labels are included.....And...I recently had a request for these sets (hi Mick!). Enjoy!"
Nat King Cole (1919-1965) was the most popular male singer of his generation, and, along with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, one of the four best known male vocalists of all time.
Making Cole's story all the more remarkable, he began his career not as a pop singer but as one of the greatest of all jazz pianists. Yet by the time he had made the transition from jazz to pop, he had sold more records and racked up more hit singles than anyone in the immediate post-war era, even Frank Sinatra.
He was also the first Afro-American pop music superstar - and still the greatest. -- This box contains Cole's complete recordings, all done for Capitol Records, of the years 1955-1959. The 11 CDs and 298 tracks contain a combination of Cole's most famous and most obscure work. -- The set includes all the material for no less than 16 classic Nat King Cole albums. The rock-inspired material that was later collected in the 'Looking Back' compilation LP, issued here for the first time without the dreadful overdubbed rhythm sections that were added after Cole died in 1965.
In addition to these classic albums, the box contains nearly a hundred singles, which range from major hits like 'Ballerina', 'Looking Back' and 'Non Dimenticar' to some of the rarest recordings in his career, including many selections previously only heard as singles and EPs. All selections are presented without the overdubs that were often artificially imposed in the mid-'60s"

Disc 1:
01. I'd Rather Have the Blues
02. I Hear Music
03. My Heart Stood Still (1)
04. My Heart Stood Still (2)
05. I Never Knew
06. Tea for Two
07. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You
08. Breezin' Along With The Breeze
09. Someone You Love
10. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
11. Takin' a Chance on Love
12. Don't Blame Me
13. It Could Happen To You
14. I Surrender Dear (1)
15. I Surrender Dear (2)
16. Little Girl
17. Imagination
18. April In Paris
19. Love Walked In
20. I See Your Face Before Me
21. Stella By Starlight
22. I Don't Know What Time It Was
23. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
24. Autumn Leaves [English Version]
25. I Get A Kick Out Of You
26. Intro to: We Are Americans Too
27. We Are Americans Too
Disc 2:
01. There Will Never Be Another You
02. My Dream Sonata 0
03. Let's Fall in Love
04. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
05. Ask Me
06. Just One Of Those Things
07. I Want To Be Happy
08. You Are My Sunshine
09. Up Pops Love
10. Take Me Back To Toyland
11. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
12. Too Young To Go Steady
13. Dreams Can Tell A Lie
14. Back In My Arms
15. Mr. Juke Box
16. Dame Crazy
17. I Just Found Out About Love
18. I Got Love
19. My Personal Possession
20. Stay
21. Believe
22. That's All There Is To That
23. Night Lights
24. The Shadows
25. To The Ends Of The Earth
26. I Promise You
27. The Way I Love You
28. Never Let Me Go [From Scarlet Hour]
Disc 3:
01. Unfair
02. Make Me
03. Sometimes I Wonder
04. Once Before
05. I'm Willing To Share This With You
06. I Need A Plan
07. The Story's Old
08. You Can Depend On Me
09. Candy
10. Sweet Lorraine
11. It's Only A Paper Moon
12. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
13. Don't Let It Go To Your Head
14. You're Looking At Me
15. You're Looking At Me [Alternate Take]
16. Just You, Just Me
17. I Was A Little Too Lonely (And You Were A Little Too Late)
18. How Little We Know
19. Should I?
20. Ballerina
21. Caravan
22. Lonely One
23. Blame It on My Youth
24. What Is There to Say
Disc 4:
01. Sometimes I'm Happy
02. I Know That You Know
03. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
04. Two Loves Have I
05. True Blue Lou
06. Like Someone in Love
07. I'm Shooting High
08. Tangerine
09. One Sun
10. You Are My First Love
11. Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much
12. Love Letters
13. I Thought About Marie
14. Where Can I Go Without You?
15. Stardust
16. Love Is The Thing
17. It's All in the Game
18. When I Fall in Love
19. Ain't Misbehavin'
20. When Sunny Gets Blue
21. At Last
22. I Was A Little Too Lonely
23. When Rock and Roll Come to Trinidad
24. China Gate
25. Blue Moon
26. With You on My Mind
27. Don't Try
Disc 5:
01. Send for Me
02. Let's Make More Love (I Want Your Love)
03. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
04. The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)
05. You'll Never Know
06. Just for the Fun of It [alternate take]
07. The Song of Raintree County
08. Who's Sorry Now? [Mono Version]
09. Who's Sorry Now? [Stereo]
10. These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
11. Once in a While
12. Just for the Fun of It
13. Just One of Those Things
14. I Should Care
15. The Party's Over
16. A Cottage for Sale
17. I Understand
18. When Your Lover Has Gone [Mono Version]
19. When Your Lover Has Gone [Stereo]
20. There's a Gold Mine in the Sky
21. Around the World
22. An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)
23. Fascination
24. How Did I Change?
25. It's None of My Affair
26. Angel Smile
27. Nothin' in the World
Disc 6:
01. Overture: Love Theme/Hesitating Blues
02. Harlem Blues
03. Chantez Les Bas
04. Friendless Blues
05. Stay
06. Joe Turner's Blues
07. Beale Street Blues
08. Careless Love
09. Morning Star
10. Memphis Blues
11. Yellow Dog Blues
12. St. Louis Blues
13. Make It Last
14. Thank You, Pretty Baby
15. Looking Back
16. Just as Much as Ever
17. Do I Like It?
18. I Wish I Knew the Way to Your Heart
19. This Is All I Ask
20. The More I See You
21. I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five and Ten Cent Store)
22. Making Believe You're Here
23. My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart?)
24. Don't Blame Me
25. Cherchez La Femme
26. The Very Thought of You
27. Paradise
Disc 7:
01. Cachito
02. Noche de Ronda
03. Maria Elena
04. Lisbon Antigua [English]
05. Acercate Mas (Come Closer to Me) [English]
06. Tu Mi Delirio (You Are My Obsession) [instrumental]
07. El Bodeguero (Grocer's Cha Cha)
08. Come to the Mardi Gras
09. Come to the Mardi Gras
10. Te Quiero Dijiste (Mucho, Mucho) (Magic Is the Moonlight)
11. Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye to Rome)
12. Quizos, Quizos, Quizos (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)
13. Las Mananitas
14. Adelita
15. Acercate Mas (Come Closer to Me) [Spanish]
16. There Is No Greater Love
17. Magnificent Obsession
18. Cherie I Love You
19. Impossible
20. But Beautiful
21. For All We Know
22. Too Much
23. Lovesville
24. Can't Help It
25. I Got Love
26. She's Funny That Way
27. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
28. I Want a Little Girl
29. Mood Indigo
Disc 8:
01. The Blues Don't Care
02. Avalon
03. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?
04. The Late, Late Show
05. Welcome to the Club
06. Look out for Love
07. Wee Baby Blues
08. Madrid
09. To Whom It May Concern
10. Love-Wise
11. In the Heart of Jane Doe
12. My Heart's Treasure
13. You're Bringing out the Dreamer in Me
14. Give Me Your Love
15. Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma
16. Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)
17. Bend a Little My Way
18. This Morning It Was Summer
19. A Thousand Thoughts of You
20. For You
21. Crazy She Calls Me
22. Until the Real Thing Comes Along
23. You Are My Love
Disc 9:
01. Ain't Gonna Study War No More
02. Everytime I Feel the Spirit
03. Standin' in the Need of Prayer
04. Go Down, Moses
05. Steal Away
06. I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
07. I Want to Be Ready
08. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
09. In the Sweet By and By
10. Sweet Hour of Prayer
11. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
12. I Found the Answer
13. The Best Thing for You Would Be Me
14. Dedicated to You
15. (I Would Do) Anything for You
16. This Is Always
17. I Had the Craziest Dream
18. I Wish I Knew
19. Be Still My Heart
20. As Far as I'm Concerned
21. Lorelei
22. This Holy Love
23. Peace of Mind
24. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)
25. Tell Me All About Yourself
26. When You Walked By
27. You've Got the Indian Sign on Me
28. My Life
29. If You Said No
30. That's You
31. Something Happens to Me
32. Sweethearts on Parade
33. When You Belong to Me
Disc 10:
01. Unfair
02. You're My Thrill
03. Laughable
04. For the Want of a Kiss
05. Again [Mono Version]
06. Again
07. I Must Be Dreaming
08. The Night of the Quarter Moon
09. Midnight Flyer
10. Sweet Bird of Youth
11. The World in My Arms
12. Time and the River
13. Whatcha' Gonna Do
14. In a Mellow Tone
15. Perfidia
16. Nadie Me Ame
17. Aquellos Ojos Verdes
18. Fantastico
19. El Choclo
20. Suas Maos
21. Capullito de Aleli
22. Nao Tenho Lagrimas (Come to the Mardi Gras)
23. Cabocio Do Rio
24. Ay Cosita Linda
25. Ansiedad
26. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
27. Brazilian Love Song
28. Ninguem Ma Ama [Portugese]
Disc 11:
01. Back in My Arms
02. Unfair
03. One Sun
04. There's a Gold Mine in the Sky
05. Around the World
06. An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)
07. Fascination
08. Nothin' in the World
09. Thank You, Pretty Baby
10. Just as Much as Ever
11. Bend a Little My Way
12. I Had the Craziest Dream
13. I Wish I Knew
14. Be Still My Heart
15. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)
16. Sweethearts on Parade
17. You're My Thrill
18. For the Want of a Kiss
19. Again
20. I Must Be Dreaming
21. Midnight Flyer
22. Sweet Bird of Youth
23. The World in My Arms
24. Time and the River
25. Brazillian Love Song
Front- and back-covers + labels are included
All discs were ripped at 320 kbp/s!
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