Bobby Caldwell - Discography (11albums) 1978-2005

Bobby Caldwell
Real Name:
Robert Hunter Caldwell
Jazz singer/songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.
His biggest hit was the late 70's smooth soul-jazz classic "What You Won't Do For Love".

Born on August 15, 1951 in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.

Albums 320kbs
What You Won't Do For Love' (1978) 34:45
'Cat On The Hat' (1980) 32:26
'August Moon' (1983) 32:25
'Heart Of Mine' (1989) 43:12
'Carry On' (1990) 33:10
'Stuck On You' (1991) 44:05
'Where Is Love' (1993) 45:35
'Soul Survivor' (1995) 48:07
'Come Rain Or Come Shine' (1999) 53:53
'Be My Valentine' (2001) 62:42
'Perfect Island Nights' (2005) 46:47'

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