George Clinton - Official Discography (23 Albums) (1982-2008)

George Clinton - Official Discography (23 Albums) (1982-2008)
George Clinton
Real Name:George Edward Clinton, Jr.
Profile:American funk singer, songwriter, producer, bandleader.
Born 22 July 1941 in Kannapolis, North Carolina.
Seminal figure and mastermind behind bands as Parliament and Funkadelic.
Not to be confused with composer, arranger and musician George S. Clinton.
His son is musician Tracey Lewis.
Aliases:Dr. Funkenstein, Pretty C
In Groups:Artists United Against Apartheid, Dolby's Cube, Funkadelic, Geo-Si-Mik, P-Funk All Stars, Parliament, The Parliaments
Variations:George Clinton
"Uncle Jam" Clinton, C. Clinton, C. Clinton, Jr., Clinton, Clinton - III, Clinton III, Clinton Jr, Clinton Jr., Clinton, George Jr, Clinton, Jr., G Clinton, G Clinton Jr, G Clinton Jr., G-Clinton, G. Clinton, G. Clinton III, G. Clinton Jnr, G. Clinton Jnr., G. Clinton Jr, G. Clinton Jr., G. Clinton, Jr, G. Clinton, Jr., G. Cliton, G. Collins, G. Cuntod, G. George Clinton, G. Glinton, G. Stanley Clinton, G.Clinton, G.Clinton Jr, G.Clinton, III, G.Clinton, Jr., G.Clinton,Jr., G.S. Clinton, George, George 'Uncle Jam' Clinton, George "Hangbanger" Clinton, George "I Wanna Grammy For My Mammy" Clinton, George "Phuey Funky" Clinton, George Clinton / JR, George Clinton III, George Clinton Jnr, George Clinton Jnr., George Clinton Jr, George Clinton Jr., George Clinton, Jr, George Clinton, Jr., George Clinton,Jr, George Clinton,Jr., George Clinton!, George Clinton.Jr, George E Clinton Jr, George Glinton, Jr., George Jr Clinton, George S Clinton, George S. Clinton, George Stone, Geroge Clinton, Main Mangusta George Clinton, Mangustian Clinton, Overlord George Clinton, S. Clinton, T. Clinton, The Family, The Metafoolish George Clinton, Uncle George, Uncle Jam Clinton, Uncle Jam, George Clinton, ジョージ・クリントン

Studio Albums
[1982][224 kbps] Computer Games
[1983][192 kbps] You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish
[1984][160 kbps] Urban Dancefloor Guerillas
[1985][192 kbps] Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends
[1986][320 kbps] R&B Skeletons In The Closet
[1989][192 kbps] The Cinderella Theory
[1993][V2] Dope Dogs
[1993][320 kbps] Hey Man... Smell My Finger
[1996][V2] Greatest Funkin' Hits
[1996][192 kbps] T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M
[1997][320 kbps] Hydraulic Funk
[2005][160 kbps] How Late Do U Have 2BB4UR Absent
[2008][V2] George Clinton And His Gangsters Of Love

Live Albums
[1986][192 kbps] The Mothership Connection (Live At Houston)
[1990][128 kbps] P-Funk All Stars (Live At The Beverly Theater)
[1997][320 kbps] P-Funk All Stars (Live... & Kickin')
[2004][320 kbps] Live At Montreux

George Clinton Family Series
[1992][128 kbps] Go Fer Yer Funk
[1992][320 kbps] Plush Funk
[1993][256 kbps] A Fifth Of Funk
[1993][V2] P Is The Funk
[1993][128 kbps] Testing Positive 4 The Funk

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