VA - Bargrooves Collection [71 CD, 34 Albums] (2002-2013)

VA - Bargrooves Collection [71 CD, 34 Albums] (2002-2013)
Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Bargrooves Collection
Year Of Release: 2002-2013
Label: Seamless Recordings, Bargrooves
Genre: House, Deep House, Progressive House, Disco

[BAR002] Bargrooves: On The House (Mixed by Graeme Park) (2002)
[BAR003] Bargrooves: Indian Summer (Mixed by Ben Sowton) (2002)
[BAR004] Bargrooves: Fall (Mixed by Ben Sowton) (2002)
[BAR005] Bargrooves: En Hiver (Mixed by Ben Sowton & Rob Wood) (2003)
[BAR006] Bargrooves: Primavera (Mixed by Ben Sowton) (2003)
[BAR007] Bargrooves: Al Fresco (Ben Sowton & Justin Ballard) (2003)
[BAR008] Bargrooves: Later (Music For Night People) (Mixed by The Bee) (2003)
[BAR009] Bargrooves: Espace Prive (Ben Sowton & Frédéric Messent) (2003)
[BAR010] Bargrooves: Frosted (Ben Sowton & Vincent Kwok) (2004)
[BAR011] Bargrooves- Terrazza (Ben Sowton & Lele Sacchi) (2004)
[BAR012] Bargrooves- Mimosa (Ben Sowton & Groove Junkies) (2004)
[BAR013] Bargrooves- Metropolitan (Ben Sowton & Soul Avengerz) (2004)
[BAR014] Bargrooves- Cosmopolitan (Ben Sowton & Rollercone) (2005)
[BAR015] Bargrooves- Manhattan (Ben Sowton and Mateo & Matos) (2005)
[BAR016LTD] Bargrooves- Influences (Ben Sowton & Jay Hannan) (2005 Limited Edition)
[BAR017] Bargrooves- Magenta (Ben Sowton & James Fierce) (2006)
[BAR018] Bargrooves- Citrus (Ben Sowton & Matthias Heilbronn) (2006)
[BAR019] Bargrooves- Black (Ben Sowton & Martin Brodin) (2006)
[BAR020] Bargrooves- Azure (Ben Sowton & Richard Earnshaw) (2006)
[BAR021] Bargrooves - Spring Collection (Mixed by Andy Caldwell) (2007)
[BAR022] Bargrooves- The Ibiza Summer Collection (Mixed by Oliver Lang) (2007)
[BAR023] Bargrooves- The Black Collection (Ben Sowton & Joel Xavier & The Timewriter) (2007)
[BAR025] Bargrooves - The Autumn Collection (Mixed by Ben Sowton) (2007)
[BARG01CD] Bargrooves- Bar Anthems (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2008)
[BARG02CD] Bargrooves- Summer Sessions (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2008)
[BARG03CD] Bargrooves- Disco Heat (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2008)
[BARG04CD] Bargrooves- Over Ice (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2008)
[BARG06CD] Bargrooves- Bar Anthems II (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2009)
[BARG07CD] Bargrooves- Summer Sessions II (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2009)
[BARG08CD] Afterlife - Electrosensitive (2009)
[BARG12CD] Bargrooves - Over Ice II (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2010)
[BARG15CD] Bargrooves - Deluxe (Mixed by Andy Daniell) (2010)
[BARG19CD] Bargrooves: Summer Sessions Deluxe (2011)
[BARG29D3] Bargrooves Deeper 3.0 (2013)
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