Soulive - Soulive (Vinyl, LP, Album) (2003)

Soulive - Soulive (Vinyl, LP, Album) (2003)
Title Of Album:Soulive
Year Of Release: 2003
Genre:Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Jam Bands, Fusion

Tracklist :
1. Aladdin (Neal Evans) 5:48
2. El Ron (Alan Evans) 5:58
3. Solid (Alan Evans) 6:12
4. First Street (Eric Krasno) 6:39
5. Shaheed (Neal Evans) 7:45
6. Dig (Neal Evans) 7:55
7. One In Seven (Neal Evans) 9:26
8. Lenny (Stevie Ray Vaughan) 6:38
9. Turn It Out (Soulive) 12:43

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