Slothrust - Of Course You Do (CD, Album) (2014)

Slothrust - Of Course You Do (CD, Album) (2014)
Artist: Slothrust
Title Of Album: Of Course You Do
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Ba Da Bing!
Genre: Indie Rock, Grunge

01. Cubicle
02. Juice
03. Crockpot
04. 7-30 AM
05. Homewreck Wifey
06. Magnets, Pt. 1
07. Magnets, Pt. 2
08. No Eye Candy
09. The Couch Incident
10. Beowulf
2014 release from the Brooklyn-based band led by singer/songwriter Leah Wellbaum. Slothrust is a band of musicians from the Jazz/Blues tradition who sound nothing like Jazz musicians playing Rock. Beneath the know-how, their aesthetic is Punk as fuck. How perfect, right You get the zap without the Zappa, not a lot of Yes but a load of Oh Hell Yeah! Slothrust's musicianship sneaks up on you, because the first thing that grabs you is how insanely catchy these songs are. Then you realize that it all comes down to the fact that they play fearlessly and full of tenacity. Rock 'n' roll.

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