Ginger Baker - Discography (18 Albums 1970-2014)

Ginger Baker - Discography (18 Albums 1970-2014)
Ginger Baker
Peter Edward Baker
Profil:English drummer, born 19 August 1939 in Lewisham, London, England, UK.
(Note: Unless clearly credited otherwise, his writing credits are those of Peter Baker (8), usually just "Baker", which is not his performing persona "Ginger Baker")
Alias:Harry Butcher, Peter Baker (8)
Baker Gurvitz Army, Bakerandband, BBM (5), Blind Faith (2), Blues Incorporated, Cream (2), Ginger Baker & African Friends, Ginger Baker And Salt, Ginger Baker Drum Choir, Ginger Baker Trio, Ginger Baker's African Force, Ginger Baker's Air Force, Ginger Baker's Energy, Ginger Baker's Nutters, Graham Bond Trio, Hawkwind, Masters Of Reality, Material, S. Splurge, The Graham Bond Organization, The Graham Bond Quartet
Variations: Ginger Baker
'Ginger' Baker, "Ginger" Baker, Baker, G. Baker, G.Baker, Ginger, Ginger Baker & Friends, Ginger Baker By Arrangement with the Robert Stigwood Organisation


(1970) Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 192 kbps
(1970) Ginger Baker's Air Force 192 kbps
(1971) Fela Kuti And Ginger Baker 192 kbps
(1972) Stratavarious 192 kbps
(1974) The Baker Gurvitz Army [Baker Gurvitz Army] 192 kbps
(1975) Elysian Encounter [Baker Gurvitz Army] 192 kbps
(1975) Offbeat Passages (live) [Baker Gurvitz Army] 192 kbps
(1976) Hearts On Fire [Baker Gurvitz Army] 192 kbps
(1980) Ginger Baker's Energy 192 kbps
(1986) Horses And Trees 192 kbps
(1987) African Force 192 kbps
(1987) No Material (live) 192 kbps
(1990) Middle Passage 192 kbps
(1991) Unseen Rain 192 kbps
(1994) Around The Next Dream (with Gary Moore & Jack Bruce - BBM) 192 kbps
(1994) Going Back Home [Ginger Baker Trio] 192 kbps
(1996) Falling Off The Roof [Ginger Baker Trio] 192 kbps
(1999) Coward Of The County [Ginger Baker & The DJQ20] 192 kbps
(2014) - Why? 320 kbps

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